Two Months...

Wow, it's already been two months now since this blog started. Time really flies. I want to keep this short, and I will tell you why.

I recently discovered "Hyperbole and a Half," a great blog with hilarious writing and even better illustrations, and it made me think about my own writing. After thinking about some of the things that I've written on and posted, I realized that recently, I’ve been kind of selfish. I've writing about what I wanted to write about, and not what people would want to read. This might sound a bit hypocritical; it is my blog after all, I should be able to write about what I want. However, I though back to my Post on Hirigana and Katakana, and what I posted on my twitter after the fact.

"Ugh that was a long blog post to write out. Good service to my readers though."
That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t having anymore fun writing my posts than my readers were having reading it. Service to my readers, say what? It made me think about all of the boring informational crap I read in high school. I didn't care for most of the stuff that I read in then, but these were the worst.

Lately, I've focused on writing for fun. I'm trying to cut out my habit of trying to over-explain everything, and just writing for entertainment. I'm also trying to reduce my amount of giant wall-of-text posts. To put a positive spin on it, I guess you could say I've improved my writing so that more people will enjoy it.

Well that's it for now. I probably won't make another update like this until the one year mark, at which point this blog may or may not be around anymore. Only time will tell. Troll Man out~

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