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As a kid, I loved searching through the brick of ads that made up the Sunday paper to try to find the comics. What kid doesn't? Well nowadays, now that I don't get the newspaper and my sense of humor has more adult (lol what, I know right), webcomics are my thing. What, you though my only source of entertainment was 4chan?

My favorite webcomic has to be QC, or Questionable Content, by Jeph Jacques. I discovered this a while ago after one of my internet friends posted it on her Facebook. I was instantly hooked, and ended up reading the almost fifteen hundred comics in about a week. All of his comics are in full color with excellent artwork, which I might add, has improved greatly since the comic began back in 2003. Jacques's comics are packed full with references, with everything from Anime and MMO's to obscure inde bands and European techno makers. The cast of characters is very extensive, all of who have interesting quirks and backgrounds. His writing is top notch and hilarious as well.

Two more that I like are xkcd and Cyanide and Happiness. The art styles are both simplistic and meant to be almost rough looking, but their contents are polar opposites.

Cyanide and Happiness strips are usually offensive, with fart jokes, occasional stickman nudity, as well as making fun of the homeless and disabled. (Remember what I said about my sense of humor maturing?)Basically, it's awesome.

XKCD is a very smart comic, with a lot of references to science or math, which I am able to get because of the happenstance that I was awake that day in class.
Also, when he makes references to things like Daft Punk, I have a little nerdgasm. You can read my friends post about xkcd as well.

Some of my other favorites, which sadly don't update as much anymore, include VG cats, and Geist Panic.

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  1. Dr. McLolcat July 9, 2010 at 11:55 AM
    damn you, i was about to do a web comic blog post myself, but u stole it from me......and now im out of ideas again....or lazy...probably both.

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