Best of Youtube: Real Life Ninjas

The arts of Parkour and Freerunning involve using anything and everything as your own personal gymnastics equipment. People climb, jump, swing off things, and do other crazy moves that you would only see in video games, such as Splinter Cell or Assassin’s creed. The ability to do stunts like these requires extreme levels of physical fitness and training, but once mastered, you will become a true Urban Ninja, a master of movement.

How not to do it...

This guy is one of the best. Getting chased by the cops? Let them try to follow you once you climb up a wall, onto the roof. and across an alleyway to another roof. Even after getting injured, this guy is still pulling crazy shit with only his upper body.

Another amazing freerunner. What's up with all of these Europeans?

Say you want to combine these moves into an all out off-the-wall fighting style? Your opponents should be afraid.

This guy has the look down, but is kind of lacking in the moves department. But he definitely is funny.

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