Today's "Best" Music

So occasionaly I pull away from my J-Pop and Breaking Benjamin to listen to what's on the radio these days. I don't really listen to the "new stuff" because my car radio no longer works, and I only really get a chance when riding in my friend's car. I've been using a little bit, and from there I checked out some of the trending artists, just to see whats new. Let's take a look at what people are listening to nowadays:

Ke$ha. Ughhhh. First impressions were that she was going to be terrible, just from the way her name was stylized.


When I first heard "Tik Tok," I though her voice was extremely nasally and hilarious, and when I noticed how auto-tuned it was, I began to laugh even more. But then something happened. I started liking it. FUUUUUUUUU. Ok so she probably doesn't have any real singing talent, and her songs are all written for her, but they're so catchy. Tik Tok is even one of the most parodied songs, with this video explaining Ke$sha's secret to success perfectly. I love to hate her, but I guess getting her song stuck in my head makes her the winner... for now.

Justin Bieber. He would, be like, so totally awesome, if I was like, a 14 year old girl. He's like so totally hot with his prepubescent voice and pseudo-lesbian haircut. Serious though, if I wanted to listen to a girl singing, I would find my old Kidz Bop tapes, dust off the cassette player, and listen to the tween version of "What a Girl Wants." Yes I bought the very first edition of Kidz Bop. Don't judge me. Truthfully, I haven't even listened through even on of his songs, but if one million little girls agree, I'll have take the opposite route. You can thank Canada for this corruption of our pre-teen girls. Despite 4chan trying to send him to Korea where he could possibly be blown up, he will still continue to produce bad music, or at least until his balls drop.

Taylor Swift. I've never payed attention to American Idol or Country Music. However, one day my mom had the radio on and I heard one of her songs without even knowing until they announced it when it ended. I was surprised and found myself liking it. I knew many of people in High School who talked about her and listened too her, and I tend to agree with my peers more than Justin Bieber fans. She seems a lot more classy (refer to the previous example) and talented than a lot of performers today. Also what happened at the VMA's was YO TROLL CAVE I'M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU AND IMMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT 4CHAN IS ONE OF THE BEST HATERS OF ALL TIME.
...God damn it Kanye...

As for other new stuff I like to listen to, it's been difficult. I try to download a few new songs every couple of weeks, despite my Ipod almost being full. Currently I'm listening to Suneohair, another Japanese artist, which I heard first from the Arakawa Under the Bridge ED. It isn't anything new, but I've been also listening to his songs from the anime Honey and Clover, which I have yet to watch. Pretty smooth and soothing, almost like a Japanese John Mayer. Some songs I hear on the radio are good as well, and I usually end up downloading them.

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