Anime Cutie of the Week

Let's face it. Girls in anime are made to look cute, with their big eyes, brightly colored hair, and funny facial expressions. However, there will always be a certaint few that will make you "d'aww" especially loud...

Ranka Lee (ランカ リー)
Anime: Macross Frontier
Macross Frontier has its share of cuties, from the mature and classy Sheryl, to the hilarious giant-turned-loli Klan Klan. However, Ranka always stood out in my mind. Yet, I don't know what it is exactly about her. Maybe it's be cause she is part alien, with big red eyes and green hair, which makes her kind of look like a carrot. Maybe it's that she's the innocent shy type.
Maybe it's because when she sings, it looks like she has a fang. I'm a huge sucker for fangs.

Ranka's seiyuu sings one of the openings for the show, as well as many other insert songs throughout the series. With her singing and her little squishy phone, along with her clumsy and shy nature really make her an anime cutie.

Ok, so I had to edit this when I remembered this scene of Ranka stopping an entire army of giant aliens with only her cuteness. Weeee!

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