Best of Youtube: Fake Movies

Whenever you watch a movie trailer, you immediately judge how it's going to be. The general consensus is usually somewhere between "That looks awesome" and "That's gonna suck." However, you know the actual movie is never going to be the same as the trailer, with all of the best parts mashed all into a minute and a half. I don't go to the movies a lot, so most of the trailers I see are on the internet, some of which are fakes. Depending on the quality, though, it may seem like they are the real thing.
This really impressed me, and I even showed it to a friend believing it was the real thing. I was disappointed later to find out that it was only an April Fool's joke.
This is another April Fool's joke with amazing quality. You know if they can make a trailer, they can make the whole movie. Quit being lazy...

I am a HUGE Evangelion fan, so I squeed'd so hard when I found this, but it was obvious that it was made up of different movie clips and shots from the Eva games. Besides, Elija Wood is way to awesome to play Shinji. Besides, the rebuild movies are definitely good enough to match any live-action film.

Adapting games into movies is no new idea. There has been plenty of talk about a Halo movie and so on, but what happens when a not-so-recent game gets made into a movie? You end up with the above.

If you like that, there's also Minesweeper and Pac-Man the movies.

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