Best of Youtube: AMV's.

So my last Youtube spot, "It Came from Youtube," just wasn't cutting it. I watch a lot of youtube videos. I've had my account there since 2006, and right before they got rid of (or at least hid from me) the video views counter, I was up around 15 thousand. That's almost 4,000 videos in one year. Instead of just posting interesting videos that I see, I will start posting the best videos I have seen throughout all of my viewing history. This week, one of my loves, AMV's.

One of my favorite animes paired with one of my favorite bands. It fits so perfectly!

Elfen Lied + Ramstein= Win

Excellent editing and another great match.

Gurren Lagann- What more is there to say?

I just love this AMV and this song. It was partially the inspiration for my Kaji the Womanizer AMV.

Tons of great animes with one of my favorite mixes ever.

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