One Month Later...

So it's officially been a month since my friend and I started our blogs. 38 posts in 31 days- a little more than one post a day. Since then, my girlfriend as well as her friend have both started blogs, and although they don't update as much as me, I still try to encourage them into posting.

I believe that with encouragement, and a constant flow of ideas, anybody can write. Everybody has things they like to talk about, and opinions on things that some group of people would like to hear. As I told my friend, "If you build it- or write it- they will come." Even someone who is a shut-in and has no real contact on the outside world could find something to write about. Hell, I could make up a blog post about that.

"Nothing was good on TV today, so I looked out at the people passing by my house. There are so many people who pass buy, everyone seems to have different quirks. I even saw a guy with a purple fro, it must be hard to wash. How do you get a job with hair like that? He must work at some record store or something. Maybe he works at a hair place? He could be like a walking advertisement..."

As far as my actual writing has gone, it can't be better. My first semester in college, (which was not too long ago) I took the basic English 1A class, composition. The teacher was unlike the ones I had in high school, and gave us complete freedom with our essays, which gave me a new-found love of writing, which I carry today in the form of this blog. I am even fiddling around with writing actual literature.

When I first started this blog, I had many things pop into my head about what I could post about, so many that I knew I wouldn't be able to post or remember all of them at once. I started a small list of these, which I have pulled many topics from. However, many of my posts are also taken from a spur of the moment idea. My list has remained plentiful with potential writing material, so expect many more posts in the future. My plans for the future include much more trolling, a revamped Youtube spot, and possibly a look into myself, in real life.

As far as my followers, they have remained at my four friends, as well one great person over at I have seen the whole of the internet. Thanks for being my first real follower. I really enjoy and look up to your blog. Whether my readers go beyond my personal "fans" or not, I do not know, but as long as I can write I will be content.

I apologize for the wall of text, but thanks for reading anyways. Troll Man off!

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