College Humor

In my times of boredom, this is one of the many sites that I visit. Videos, comics, funny anecdotes, pictures of people failing, and links to other stuff that I love. While I am a college student and see a lot of stuff that realtes to me, I started seeing a trend with some of the stuff I read on there. Specifically, three of the regular articles, "Work Sucks, I Know", "Roommate Confessionals", and "Dating It's Complicated."

Work Sucks, I Know- While I am currently looking for a job (you can read about this in one of my older posts) I really have not had an actual job, and have never had to deal with situations like these.

Roommate Confessionals- I am going to college, but I am going to community college and I am living at home with my mom. I am also an only child. I really have never had to live with anybody else and deal with their crap.

Dating It's Complicated- To be honest, I've only ever had one girlfriend, who I am currently dating now. I've never had to deal with breaking up or any major drama. I was also never really popular, so I've never been, say, fought over by girls (besides in my dreams).

What does this say about me? I don't know. Maybe I like to laugh at others misfortune, (once again refer to Schadenfreude) ones that I haven't had to experience myself. Either way, until I actually experience them myself, they will be funny.

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  1. Emzy June 9, 2010 at 10:07 PM
    Are you kidding me I've just been beating those girls off with a stick!
    I know I'm scary <3

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