Ya I've got your attention now. You're scrolling through then It's all like Bam! and "O Shi- he's talking 'bout bacon." If you've ever ate anything ever, you know that this is the best thing you can put in your mouth. Part of it's meat, part of it's fat, and the whole thing is delicious. You could sprinkle bacon on anything and have it taste a bajillion times better. Old Shoe? Bacon! Worn out tire? Bacon! Nasty plain salad? Bacon bits! But don't even mention that Canadian shit, give me a break. If I wanted ham I would ask for ham. Get that stuff off of my pizza.

Hell, there's even buttons you can press then bam, bacon. Suddenly you have bacon and everything is good with the world. You wanna know more? There's more you say? Well of course, it's bacon. Head over here, then after probably a trip to your cardiologist for good measure.

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