One Month Later...

So it's officially been a month since my friend and I started our blogs. 38 posts in 31 days- a little more than one post a day. Since then, my girlfriend as well as her friend have both started blogs, and although they don't update as much as me, I still try to encourage them into posting.

I believe that with encouragement, and a constant flow of ideas, anybody can write. Everybody has things they like to talk about, and opinions on things that some group of people would like to hear. As I told my friend, "If you build it- or write it- they will come." Even someone who is a shut-in and has no real contact on the outside world could find something to write about. Hell, I could make up a blog post about that.

"Nothing was good on TV today, so I looked out at the people passing by my house. There are so many people who pass buy, everyone seems to have different quirks. I even saw a guy with a purple fro, it must be hard to wash. How do you get a job with hair like that? He must work at some record store or something. Maybe he works at a hair place? He could be like a walking advertisement..."

As far as my actual writing has gone, it can't be better. My first semester in college, (which was not too long ago) I took the basic English 1A class, composition. The teacher was unlike the ones I had in high school, and gave us complete freedom with our essays, which gave me a new-found love of writing, which I carry today in the form of this blog. I am even fiddling around with writing actual literature.

When I first started this blog, I had many things pop into my head about what I could post about, so many that I knew I wouldn't be able to post or remember all of them at once. I started a small list of these, which I have pulled many topics from. However, many of my posts are also taken from a spur of the moment idea. My list has remained plentiful with potential writing material, so expect many more posts in the future. My plans for the future include much more trolling, a revamped Youtube spot, and possibly a look into myself, in real life.

As far as my followers, they have remained at my four friends, as well one great person over at I have seen the whole of the internet. Thanks for being my first real follower. I really enjoy and look up to your blog. Whether my readers go beyond my personal "fans" or not, I do not know, but as long as I can write I will be content.

I apologize for the wall of text, but thanks for reading anyways. Troll Man off!

Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Japanese (Chinese) Name: 黒
Anime: Darker than Black

If you take Batman, put him in china, and give him 20 thousand volts of electricity, the end result would be Hei. He arrives in town one day, under the alias of Li Shun Sheng, and he seems like a pretty regular guy. He walks around with a smile, greeting everyone, generally acting innocent. Except of course that he can down 20 bowls of ramen in one setting. Oh ya and he is actually the assassin codenamed BK-2O1 that the entire Japanese police force is after. The character for his name, 黒, is pronounced "Hei" in Chinese, meaning black. The same kanji is used in Japanese (pronounced kuro), and also appears in the Japanese title for the anime. In the OVA's, which take place between the first and second seasons, take him through some pretty tough shit. So much so, that during the second season he turns to heavy drinking and pedophilia. Sounds like a pretty cool guy. Still not convinced? When he meets an ability user who can stop hearts, he hits himself with a jolt, defibrillating himself. Let me see you try that.


Sometimes the limits of how much anime you can watch, how many sites you can visit, and how many pages of FML's you can read are reached. After you've already gone through all 15 pages of [a/, /b/, /c/, and so on, and trolled every single person on advice, boredom starts to set in (yes, this is partially from experience). So what do you do? In a apathetic daze, you look for a source of anti-boredom. That's where I found this. Actually, how I found this I don't know, what happens during one of these dazes is still a mystery.

The first thing I noticed, which disappointed me, was that it only has 236 things. If you do one of these a day, you will end up having to repeat 129 (or 130 on a leap year) things on this list. That is of course assuming that you only do one a day. However, many of these things will also end up with you grounded, in detention, or in jail. Or a mental institution.

39. See if you really can build a small nuclear device in your basement.
Did I mention Jail? Well I guess you can burn time trying to convince your friends to bail you out. Friends? Oh ya I guess spending time with them would be better than getting charged with animal cruelty for trying to give your goldfish a perm.

How Death Works in Anime

Let's get one thing straight. Nobody dies in anime, except if they are a main character who adds to the awesomeness, or are otherwise an important addition to the plot. Killing anybody else doesn't actually kill them, in fact killing someone actually increases their chances of living.

As you can see, the newfag op doesn't know shit about life and death in anime.

Baddies have more lives than a cat wearing a life preserver, and usually have to be killed several times before they actually die, or at least get locked up somewhere where they don't appear until much later in the story. Also, the more powerful a baddie is, the more likely they are to get their ass kicked by the main character.


I've never been a big fan of buying CDs and stuff, which usually means I download albums in parts, only getting the stuff I like, and I find out later that I've missed out on good songs. However, when one of my friends brought over his CD collection a while ago, I was able to rip several of them, including the soundtrack to a movie, which I'll talk more about later. Since then, I have added a couple more soundtracks to my collection, and I love them.

The first is the notable Fooly Cooly soundtrack, and despite being only a six episodes long, had a great collection of music. The majority of it is done by The Pillows, a very groovy Japanese soft Rock band.

The music blends in so well with the anime, it was hard to notice until the second time I watched it, which lead to me downloading the album shortly after. After listening to a bunch of hard rock all day, The Pillows are really a nice change, and very calming.

The second soundtrack is from the movie "Appleseed," one of the CD's I got from my friend. When I first got it, I didn't really listen to it that much, but a while ago I got bored and finally watched the actual movie. Appleseed, and the sequel Appleseed: Ex Machina were anime movies released in the mid 00's, whose animations styles really pushed the bounds of technology at the time, and combined with the excellent writing, became must sees for any anime enthusiast.
The Soundtrack came in two parts, one for the actual soundtrack, and one for the score, which was specially written for the movie by Tetsuya Takahashi. The score is an amazing compilation of suspense building movements, slow piano pieces, and various cool actiony songs.

The actual sound track is a mixture of techno, trance and electronica, with great names such as The Boom Boom Satellites and Basement Jaxx. The Satellites are one of my favorite J-Pop bands, with tons of cool drum beats, lyrics, as well as awesome guitar and synth licks. Other songs include trippy techno beats from artists such as T. Raumschmiere and Akufen. Ya, I'm pretty much addicted.

On a semi-related note, I love Daft Punk's Discovery album (as well as most of their other work), which enters the visual plane in the movie "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem," called the visualization of the Discovery album. If you like Daft Punk and havn't seen this movie... well... go out and watch it already!


Tonight I am here to talk about one of my trolling idols, and one of the biggest things to hit /b/ ever. Boxxy. Boxxy was was like every other teen girl who had a webcam and a gaia account. She made shout-out and other random videos for her friends on gaia. However, there's was one thing that made her stand out: her behavior. While she denied being on crack and being ADD, she was eclectic, random, with a thought pattern all over the place, as well as being cute looking. The perfect cam girl.

Her vidoes sat on youtube for almost a year before someone, being entertained by it, posted it up on iambored(.)com. From there, it was dug up and became the topic of a "you rage you lose" thread on 4chan /b/, and the reaction was nothing less than violent. Soon, the /b/tards went into a rampage, dividing themselves into pro and anti-boxxy factions; people who couldn't stand her and people who wanted to marry her. For a week, she was the only thing on /b/, and because of this, she became the undeniable "queen of /b/" a forced but extremely successful meme. After a shit ton of spam, many bannings, and new rules put up, her reign finally ended. (For a more indepth story, go here)

The events and aftermath of the boxxy madness gave birth many remixes and parodies, as well as attempts to find her real identity, however the former was definitely the more entertaining.

Boxxy was able to make an entire group of people go war against each other, and left lasting effects on 4chan (as well as their word filters), all with the simple click of a "record" button. She brought trolling into the mainstream, which allowed people with lives to join in on the action, and personally introduced me to it. For that, I salute you.

Trolling and Hating

A lot of people get these two terms confused, especially since they often appear in the same place, and can look the same to the "untrained" eye. I think my friend over at the hater den said it the best-- "Trolling leads to hating, which leads to getting banned..." etc. While this isn't always the pattern, they are often correlated. The truth is, haters are always gonna hate, and trolls are always gonna be trollin. Let's take a look at a good example. Constantly in [a/, the anime board over at 4chan, there are big disputes over what is good anime and what is not. One of the biggest targets of hate and trolling is K-On!! because it's considered "moe" (anime based around cute characters) and quite popular, making it easy troll bait.

Intelligent Hating (Doesn't exist):
I don't like this anime because of the lack of a good story and depth of character design.

Real Hating:
K-On sucks balls go find a real anime.

K-On is for fags who like bad character design and a music anime where they don't even play music.
Response 2: (Troll attracted by the smell of the original troll)
>>Good Anime
Lol wut. This moe shit is taking over good anime go watch good anime.

The people over on 4chan like to call this type of trolling "Your favorite anime sucks" which is usually successful because people on [a/ are very adamant about their animes, and as they pour in trying to defend it, they end up just making fools of themselves. Trolling leads to hating and more trolling, while hating leads to intelligent debate (jk lol, there's no such thing on 4chan) and trolling. People can post trolling to look like hating, but if they are just trying to stir up emotions, it isn't true hating.

My personal favorite is trolling trolls back. One day I came across this post, showing, you guessed it, K-On.

Why does K-On have no panty shots (fan service)?

To which I reply:
Because K-On is good anime that doesn't rely on fan service to be sucesseful.

Oh you silly, silly troll. I personally like K-On but for the sake of trolling, you hate everything. Of course I got the complimentary "K-on is good lol wut" but it was all worth it. Oh well, haters gonna' hate.

Code Geass AMV

After taking a hell of a long time to download Code Geass, and to go back through and try to remember what episodes contained what, I finally got around to making my newest AMV. Thanks to freddiew and his video tutorial, I figured out I could put it in HD, so be sure to watch it in all of it's 720p goodness.

What bugged me about this was that the first and second seasons used two different aspect ratios- season two was in wide screen, but after all they did come out over a year apart. Some of the scenes fit so well, I didn't have to even edit them much. Despite the technical issues with my computer, this was a pretty fun one to make.

Edit: Youtube decided to block my video because it had content from not one, but two sources. Whatever happened to the good old days where youtube wasn't sold out to corporations and you could post just about anything? Anyways, I uploaded the video here and made a dummy video video on youtube linking to here. Due to the size limit for blogger, it won't be in HD however. Either way, enjoy.

Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Japanese Name: キョン
Anime: The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

His name is Kyon and he doesn't take shit for anybody. Not even god. He is also possibly the best pervert in all of anime history, being that he never gets caught. All those pics of Mikuru in her maid outfit that Haurhi took? Ya, he has those in his "secret" folder on his hard drive. Despite just sitting there and reading all day, it's apparent that Nagato obviously wants Kyon. The same goes for Haruhi and Mukuru. Hell, even Koizumi wants a piece. He's also pretty much indifferent to everything, including all of Haruhi's crazy schemes. "Kyon-kun, denwa!" I know bitch, I got this. Calm the f**k down.


Hey, you know what? This is nice for when I'm too lazy to make an actual blog post. Dumping a couple land/cityscrapes.


Ok I'll try to put this in a way that it will offend the least amount of people. Me and my friends coined a term today. Many people have considered cloning themselves and then having sex with it, basically for a source of entertainment, but describing it this way lacks a certain delicacy. This is where the new term comes in. First off, masturbation is defined as "playing with yourself"- refer to exhibit A.

People would say that having sex with your clone is just playing with yourself, or masturbating. Also, since you are a part of your family, your clone would also be part of your family, thus incest. This is where the term "incesterbating" comes in. Having sex with your clone has never had a real term that applies to it before, and this would make it more universal to people.

Classified Information

I posted this video a while ago, but only recently have I gotten around to anotating it how I wanted it. Also, because of this blog, there is a better forum for people to post their responses.

YOU MADE MUKURU CRY, OVER AND OVER. Good job endless eight. Anyways, the template for the mad lib is this.

I always use (Noun) to contact the future, or for (action). But when I hadn't heard from (person/place) for a week I though something was wrong, and then when I (action) I was shocked, so I tried to (action). But it was completely (synonym for screwed and so on).

Replace the words in the ( ) with the appropriate type of word, or make your own for greater effect. Here's mine.

I always use a banana to contact the future, or for pleasuring myself. But when I hadn't heard from my pimp for a week I though something was wrong, and then when I phoned up that bitch I was shocked, so I tried to slap him back. But it was completely FUBAR and I couldn't do anything about it.

Oh you dirty, dirty Asahina-chan.


So I've always loved Chinese and Japanese food, but I'm really not a good cook. However, I figured that if I wanted something enough, I would be able to make it. After printing off a recipe for one of my favorite Chinese dishes, Pot Stickers, I finally got around to making them.

Cooking up the cabbage.

Mixing all the stuff together.

Rolled up in the wonton wrappers.


Browned and crispy


All done. Idatakimasu.

Old English

Have at ye, thine troll blokes. I doth jest that Olde English must contain the utmost hilarity among all of the fine languages. Hath any person honestly traveled as far as to made up thine minds to considering regarding more like another? Ha ha ha I jest, for I am too fetching for thy garb, I must repent. I pray tell thee that mine level of power is vastly beyond nine thousand, so if one of you fine fellows must partake in a bout of "hating" and so forth (for that is what haters doth do), that they will be subject to surpriseth intercourse. I laugh openly. 'Tis a very intriguing tale, my dear brother.

Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア ゾロ)
Anime: One Piece

"Why do assassins carry two swords? Because they only have two hands."
-Anton, Guild Wars EOTN.

Pff, who says you need a hand to hold a sword? Your mouth works just fine, at least according to Zoro's "santoryu" (three sword) fighting style. Zoro reminds me of Renji from Bleach, being that after every fight he is on the verge of death, with lacerations all over, and bleeding from almost every orifice. It's cool though, as long as he can do the same or worse to his enemies. Hell, even if they're made out of metal or stone. He can also create a cannon-like attack with his swords, just from the burst of air let loose from one of his slashes. Hitting your enemy without actually hitting them. Cool Story bro.

It Came From Youtube

How many people out there used to play with legos as kids? I know I used to. But what happens when people keep playing with with them way to far into their adulthood? They get this:

I know for sure that when I was a kid I didn't have any of those fancy parts with the rollers, and all the special blocks with holes for pegs and stuff.

It always sucks figuring out that your printer doesn't work or is out of ink the night before a big essay is due. The only thing worse than this is finding out that you have to build your own printer from scratch using only legos. But I guess if you're a starving college student you would rather build one with what you have rather than shelling out 100$ for a new one. Also I'm pretty sure felt tipped pens are cheaper than ink cartridges.

The Art of Trolling

Trolling, in its most basic form, is basically telling a joke that makes people hate you. The less people that actually recognize that it's a joke, the more successful it is. On 4chan, most people label a "troll thread" with the phrase "you be postin' in a troll thread," or something of that nature. On other sites, it is less easy to identify. Take this for instance.

When I saw this post, it was on the first page, so it was fairly new. I knew however, that this was instant troll-bait, proven by the fact that it had many more comments than the other recent ones.

"Gotta brainwash ‘em early yeah?"
-The one quote to start the flamewar.

As my friend says, trolling leads to flaming, which leads to more trolling. To be honest, I can't really tell if this is a troll or not, because sadly there are people like this. Moreover, many people on sites like this aren't exposed to as much trolling as someone who goes on /b/ for instance. Trolling the unsuspecting is always a sure shot. While I don't completely agree with his viewpoint, I give him high marks for excellent trolling.


From Wikipedia: "In anatomy, heterochromia refers to a difference in coloration, usually of the iris..." What do you think when you hear this word? Here's what I think:

If you couldn't understand from the definition, I think our Suseiseki here explains it pretty well. Basically, two different colored eyes, or desu/anime eyes. It's probably one of the most iconic things to hit anime since cat ears and gigantic eyes. However, it isn't limited to anime. People such as David Bowie (bamf) and Tim McIlrath, the lead singer of Rise Against, both have it. Overall, if I had to choose a defect to have, this would probably be it.

Music Montages

I am a music lover, so when a bunch of all gets smashed together into one big pile of awesome, it makes it even better. Tonight I bring you a four way of these.

Great mash up, this guy has talent- check out his other videos.

Similar to the above, but in Mario paint!

Misao. She has a fang and is adorable. What else it there to say?

One I just found today, all within four chords. Pretty awesome.

Others I like include the Weird Al polkas, which If you haven't heard, you've probably been living under a rock.

College Humor

In my times of boredom, this is one of the many sites that I visit. Videos, comics, funny anecdotes, pictures of people failing, and links to other stuff that I love. While I am a college student and see a lot of stuff that realtes to me, I started seeing a trend with some of the stuff I read on there. Specifically, three of the regular articles, "Work Sucks, I Know", "Roommate Confessionals", and "Dating It's Complicated."

Work Sucks, I Know- While I am currently looking for a job (you can read about this in one of my older posts) I really have not had an actual job, and have never had to deal with situations like these.

Roommate Confessionals- I am going to college, but I am going to community college and I am living at home with my mom. I am also an only child. I really have never had to live with anybody else and deal with their crap.

Dating It's Complicated- To be honest, I've only ever had one girlfriend, who I am currently dating now. I've never had to deal with breaking up or any major drama. I was also never really popular, so I've never been, say, fought over by girls (besides in my dreams).

What does this say about me? I don't know. Maybe I like to laugh at others misfortune, (once again refer to Schadenfreude) ones that I haven't had to experience myself. Either way, until I actually experience them myself, they will be funny.


So let's get two things straight. Evangelion is awesome. People wearing Victorian clothing are awesome. Put together, I bring you this.

I have yet to see Evangelion 2.0, but if they dress like this (Wishful thinking I know), it would be even more amazing.

Coheed and Cambria

If you've ever played rock band or watched the trailer for "9", no doubt you've heard some of Coheed and Cambria's work. Specifically, Welcome Home. People not suffering from rock band (I'll admit this has partially affected me too) have heard some of their other songs as well.

I heard this band in a music video a long time ago, and I casually downloaded the two songs I heard, and that was it. Much later, I started looking into some the artists that I had heard only a couple songs from, and I rediscovered this band.

They were totally different than the other bands I'd listened too. All of their songs include very cool guitar licks and bass lines, set apart from the hard pounding on guitars from other bands. When I heard the spoken part of "Ten Speed" (2:46- 2:59) when I was younger, I though it was so cool, and I continue to love it today. The lead vocalist has a very distinct voice (I always cringe when people mistake it for a woman), and it adds to the already good lyrics. Despite the weird name, they make up a really good band.

Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Character: Guts
Japanese Name: ガツ
Anime: Berserk

Guts is the personification of bad-ass. He has a big sword, a big hate for all things evil, and a big sense of purpose. He starts off as a boy, taught nothing except how to fight, and he eventually ends up killing the person who taught him. From there, he continues to fight as a mercenary, joining whatever he can just for the sake of killing. When he meets his one match in battle, the swordsman Griffith (グリフィス) of the White Hawks, he is forced to become one of them, but ends up gaining Griffith's favor and becomes his lieutenant. Whenever hell breaks loose (literally) he is there to destroy anything that gets in his way or threatens his beauty, Caska, despite how many body parts he may loose.

The Job Hunt

So now that it's summer I decided to go out and look for a job with my friend. Today, we went around to about 12 stores, asking for applications...

Redding California, my home town, is neither a small town nor a big city, so it has the big name stores but without the fanciness of the ones in big cities. It also lacks a lot of the small, family run businesses which you find in small towns. This means the stores here take the easy way out- they take their application process to the internet.

Out of all the stores we went around to, about 8 of them told us to apply online. These stores included ones like Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. A couple stores told us to print an application off their website, fill it out, then bring it in with a copy of our resumé. From all of these stores, we only received two actual paper applications right away- Trader Joe's and one of the local bowling alleys.

At the end of the day, we had only couple of real perspective offers. I jumped at the chance to work at World Market, which involves my dream of traveling the world (hey, even my Jones soda cap said I would step on the soil of my any countrys), and there ended up being two spots open. Despite not having any previous retail experience, I hope my love of world cultures and my ability to read Hiragana and Katakana will push their decision in my favor. If not, there's always Dutch Bro's.


Ya I've got your attention now. You're scrolling through then It's all like Bam! and "O Shi- he's talking 'bout bacon." If you've ever ate anything ever, you know that this is the best thing you can put in your mouth. Part of it's meat, part of it's fat, and the whole thing is delicious. You could sprinkle bacon on anything and have it taste a bajillion times better. Old Shoe? Bacon! Worn out tire? Bacon! Nasty plain salad? Bacon bits! But don't even mention that Canadian shit, give me a break. If I wanted ham I would ask for ham. Get that stuff off of my pizza.

Hell, there's even buttons you can press then bam, bacon. Suddenly you have bacon and everything is good with the world. You wanna know more? There's more you say? Well of course, it's bacon. Head over here, then after probably a trip to your cardiologist for good measure.

Impossible Scenario Game

A great triumph of /b/ today is their ability to create these games- ones where no matter how hard you try you can not win. However, their other triumph is to beat these impossible scenarios with no sweat at all. One of the most famous ones is the scenario with two rooms, interconnected by a small passageway lined with spikes. In one room is you, and the other a cake. These are usually solved by portals or other form of teleportation (the person and the cake are both being fair game), however, recently a new scenario appaeard, which left /b/tards stumped.

Here is a dog in his impenetrable fortress. All ranged attacks are rendered useless due to the thick walls. Attacking from up close will result in you getting bitten. How do you defeat this /b/?

What happens when an unblockable sword hits an unbreakable shield? Not even /b/ can tell...

AMV's Part 2

You read last time how my journey into AMV making started, and this time I will describe my take on making them. I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but when I make an anime I make sure it's both fun for me and entertaining for the water.

The first thing to do is pick a song, and what anime you plan to do it to. These usually come hand in hand, because usually you will think to yourself, "This song would go great with this anime."

My take on editing is to match up the lyrics to what's happening in the scene. In my most recent video, I kind of strayed away from his to give myself some freedom to show off the beautiful scenes of the EVA Rebuild. However, doing this allows you to put in extra humor or irony. It also helps to time other things, such as bass strikes with big punches or kicks, which gives a double whammy.

Fades and transitions should be matched with the song- simply, a long fading riff should match up with a drawn out fade, and a straight cut should have no fade at all.

For in between verses, the fills are important too. I know I've stopped watching many amv's when the song goes to a break in the singing, and I'm already bored. It may be a song that I like, but if I've already heard the chorus once it's as good as over if the video isn't interesting enough. For example, strong guitar or drum solos are best accompanied by action to build energy. On the other hand, held out chords should be a simple fade to black, then straight back to video as soon as the singing starts up again. This will build anticipation. If there's too much stuff going on in between, it gets distracting.

An AMV is much like a story; don't give away everything in the beginning so the audience won't want to watch the rest, and make everything fit together so they won't be left wondering.

I Can Haz CheezBurger?

My friend introduced me to this site a long time ago, just when the lolcat phenomenon was starting. Today, the entire cheezburger network has grown to encompass a massive collection of blogs, with topics that include things such as fail, cuteness, randomness, and pop culture. However, nobody has time to read all of these, and some of these blogs are completely pointless or redundant. I'll go through some of my likes and dislikes about these sites.

Lolcats/dogs- These are the originals, and they always have new stuff. Cats hold a place on the internet that will stay around for a long time. (Just look at my friends post about cats on the internet).

Fail- Even before the internet, people looked at each others misfortunes for entertainment. FailBlog is the electronic incarnation of this, and along with sites like "Poorly Dressed," "That Will Buff Out," and "Monday Through Friday" one can see the misfortune of people from all over the world. I personally like kludges myself, just because I used to like making stuff like that as a kid.

Pop Culture- I don't really watch TV anymore, so some of these things go past me, but I guess if you like laughing at celebs as well as normal people it can be funny.

Comixed- Some of these remind me of the threads on 4chan, which have always made me laugh. Reaction guys ftw.

Hacked Irl- I always love bits of the internet flowing into the real world. It's even funnier when you actualyl see these on the street and you are the only one who gets it.

Señor Gif- Now I have a decent connection, but I opened this site and the first page took like 5 minutes to load. After that I closed it and never went back.

Animals Acting Like Animals- is this really necessary? If you really want to see this go to a zoo or something.

Graph Jam- Too much to figure out, too much reading, and most people don't know how to make a proper graph, or label it right.

FML/IMMD/Crazy Things Parents Say- There are always entertaining blurbs up here, especially the FML's, which is great for partaking in schadenfreude.


Giraffes are pretty much the troll of the animal kingdom. Why you ask? I bring you exhibit A:

Just look at that power of pure indifference. "What's that Mr. Bull, you wanna go somewhere? Wheres the fire, buddy?" Giraffes pretty much just look over every other animal, and whenever someone wants to pick a fight, the giraffe is just all "Can't hear you down there shorty, sorry." Ya, you go and take the tender leaves from the top of the tree, I'm fine with these shitty ones down here. Asshole.

Youtube to MP3 Converter

So I've seen countless Youtube comments asking for the poster to give a download link for the audio, or for the poster to send a copy of it. Everytime I see this, I cringe and wonder why people haven't found out about this wonderful piece of software. Just copy the URL of any youtube video, then let it download. You don't even have to keep the youtube page open, and the final audio file will have the same quality as the video. It's quick, easy, and completely legit. Enjoy.