Sometimes the limits of how much anime you can watch, how many sites you can visit, and how many pages of FML's you can read are reached. After you've already gone through all 15 pages of [a/, /b/, /c/, and so on, and trolled every single person on advice, boredom starts to set in (yes, this is partially from experience). So what do you do? In a apathetic daze, you look for a source of anti-boredom. That's where I found this. Actually, how I found this I don't know, what happens during one of these dazes is still a mystery.

The first thing I noticed, which disappointed me, was that it only has 236 things. If you do one of these a day, you will end up having to repeat 129 (or 130 on a leap year) things on this list. That is of course assuming that you only do one a day. However, many of these things will also end up with you grounded, in detention, or in jail. Or a mental institution.

39. See if you really can build a small nuclear device in your basement.
Did I mention Jail? Well I guess you can burn time trying to convince your friends to bail you out. Friends? Oh ya I guess spending time with them would be better than getting charged with animal cruelty for trying to give your goldfish a perm.

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