Tonight I am here to talk about one of my trolling idols, and one of the biggest things to hit /b/ ever. Boxxy. Boxxy was was like every other teen girl who had a webcam and a gaia account. She made shout-out and other random videos for her friends on gaia. However, there's was one thing that made her stand out: her behavior. While she denied being on crack and being ADD, she was eclectic, random, with a thought pattern all over the place, as well as being cute looking. The perfect cam girl.

Her vidoes sat on youtube for almost a year before someone, being entertained by it, posted it up on iambored(.)com. From there, it was dug up and became the topic of a "you rage you lose" thread on 4chan /b/, and the reaction was nothing less than violent. Soon, the /b/tards went into a rampage, dividing themselves into pro and anti-boxxy factions; people who couldn't stand her and people who wanted to marry her. For a week, she was the only thing on /b/, and because of this, she became the undeniable "queen of /b/" a forced but extremely successful meme. After a shit ton of spam, many bannings, and new rules put up, her reign finally ended. (For a more indepth story, go here)

The events and aftermath of the boxxy madness gave birth many remixes and parodies, as well as attempts to find her real identity, however the former was definitely the more entertaining.

Boxxy was able to make an entire group of people go war against each other, and left lasting effects on 4chan (as well as their word filters), all with the simple click of a "record" button. She brought trolling into the mainstream, which allowed people with lives to join in on the action, and personally introduced me to it. For that, I salute you.

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