The Job Hunt

So now that it's summer I decided to go out and look for a job with my friend. Today, we went around to about 12 stores, asking for applications...

Redding California, my home town, is neither a small town nor a big city, so it has the big name stores but without the fanciness of the ones in big cities. It also lacks a lot of the small, family run businesses which you find in small towns. This means the stores here take the easy way out- they take their application process to the internet.

Out of all the stores we went around to, about 8 of them told us to apply online. These stores included ones like Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. A couple stores told us to print an application off their website, fill it out, then bring it in with a copy of our resumé. From all of these stores, we only received two actual paper applications right away- Trader Joe's and one of the local bowling alleys.

At the end of the day, we had only couple of real perspective offers. I jumped at the chance to work at World Market, which involves my dream of traveling the world (hey, even my Jones soda cap said I would step on the soil of my any countrys), and there ended up being two spots open. Despite not having any previous retail experience, I hope my love of world cultures and my ability to read Hiragana and Katakana will push their decision in my favor. If not, there's always Dutch Bro's.

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