Coheed and Cambria

If you've ever played rock band or watched the trailer for "9", no doubt you've heard some of Coheed and Cambria's work. Specifically, Welcome Home. People not suffering from rock band (I'll admit this has partially affected me too) have heard some of their other songs as well.

I heard this band in a music video a long time ago, and I casually downloaded the two songs I heard, and that was it. Much later, I started looking into some the artists that I had heard only a couple songs from, and I rediscovered this band.

They were totally different than the other bands I'd listened too. All of their songs include very cool guitar licks and bass lines, set apart from the hard pounding on guitars from other bands. When I heard the spoken part of "Ten Speed" (2:46- 2:59) when I was younger, I though it was so cool, and I continue to love it today. The lead vocalist has a very distinct voice (I always cringe when people mistake it for a woman), and it adds to the already good lyrics. Despite the weird name, they make up a really good band.

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