Impossible Scenario Game

A great triumph of /b/ today is their ability to create these games- ones where no matter how hard you try you can not win. However, their other triumph is to beat these impossible scenarios with no sweat at all. One of the most famous ones is the scenario with two rooms, interconnected by a small passageway lined with spikes. In one room is you, and the other a cake. These are usually solved by portals or other form of teleportation (the person and the cake are both being fair game), however, recently a new scenario appaeard, which left /b/tards stumped.

Here is a dog in his impenetrable fortress. All ranged attacks are rendered useless due to the thick walls. Attacking from up close will result in you getting bitten. How do you defeat this /b/?

What happens when an unblockable sword hits an unbreakable shield? Not even /b/ can tell...

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