Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Character: Guts
Japanese Name: ガツ
Anime: Berserk

Guts is the personification of bad-ass. He has a big sword, a big hate for all things evil, and a big sense of purpose. He starts off as a boy, taught nothing except how to fight, and he eventually ends up killing the person who taught him. From there, he continues to fight as a mercenary, joining whatever he can just for the sake of killing. When he meets his one match in battle, the swordsman Griffith (グリフィス) of the White Hawks, he is forced to become one of them, but ends up gaining Griffith's favor and becomes his lieutenant. Whenever hell breaks loose (literally) he is there to destroy anything that gets in his way or threatens his beauty, Caska, despite how many body parts he may loose.

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