I Can Haz CheezBurger?

My friend introduced me to this site a long time ago, just when the lolcat phenomenon was starting. Today, the entire cheezburger network has grown to encompass a massive collection of blogs, with topics that include things such as fail, cuteness, randomness, and pop culture. However, nobody has time to read all of these, and some of these blogs are completely pointless or redundant. I'll go through some of my likes and dislikes about these sites.

Lolcats/dogs- These are the originals, and they always have new stuff. Cats hold a place on the internet that will stay around for a long time. (Just look at my friends post about cats on the internet).

Fail- Even before the internet, people looked at each others misfortunes for entertainment. FailBlog is the electronic incarnation of this, and along with sites like "Poorly Dressed," "That Will Buff Out," and "Monday Through Friday" one can see the misfortune of people from all over the world. I personally like kludges myself, just because I used to like making stuff like that as a kid.

Pop Culture- I don't really watch TV anymore, so some of these things go past me, but I guess if you like laughing at celebs as well as normal people it can be funny.

Comixed- Some of these remind me of the threads on 4chan, which have always made me laugh. Reaction guys ftw.

Hacked Irl- I always love bits of the internet flowing into the real world. It's even funnier when you actualyl see these on the street and you are the only one who gets it.

SeƱor Gif- Now I have a decent connection, but I opened this site and the first page took like 5 minutes to load. After that I closed it and never went back.

Animals Acting Like Animals- is this really necessary? If you really want to see this go to a zoo or something.

Graph Jam- Too much to figure out, too much reading, and most people don't know how to make a proper graph, or label it right.

FML/IMMD/Crazy Things Parents Say- There are always entertaining blurbs up here, especially the FML's, which is great for partaking in schadenfreude.

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