Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

I'll start this off with one that everybody knows, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Japanese Name: 黒崎 一護
Anime: Bleach

Ichigo is the orange-haired hero from Karukura town, who gains his powers after his meeting Rukia Kuchiki. He then commences to kick hollow ass. While his name means strawberry (not really though, the kanji are completely different), he is no pushover. No matter how many times he gets his ass dragged across he various buildings around wherever he is fighting, he just stands right back up, stronger to boot. He also has a really big sword, and gets to hang around with Orihime Inoue and Rukia Kuchiki all day. Can anyone say "IchiRukiHime?"

Enabling Foreign Language Support On Your Computer

Since I am learning Japanese and know the basic alphabets, I will try to include some Japanese characters and other scrips on my posts. However, most computers don't come with these character sets installed automatically. Because of this, most programs won't display them correctly, and on web pages they will be displayed smaller or non-existant. To fix this, you have to go into Control Panel then to language options. From there, hit the languages tab, and click the box that says "Install East Asian Languages". After you restart, these characters should appear correctly. For a more in-depth walk through, or for another operating system, click here.

かんたん ですね?
(Easy, isn't it?)

Wallpapers and Stuff

I've got a big collection of wallpapers I've collected from all over the web, and now I'm bringing them to you.

My first one is a very gorgeous one I saw originally on 4chan, and I had to use it just because.

I love the contrast between the white circles with the vibrant background, along with the inlay of the girl into it all. Overall, a pretty cool wallpaper.

It Came from Youtube

So I don't know yet if I want to make this a regular thing or not, but here's my first post.

My friend send me this video over skype earlier today, showing the speed of Google Chrome versus the speeds of various natural forces, such as lightning, sound waves, or... potatoes. Ok so it might not be all that scientific, but it was neat to watch. An no, I am not a Chrome user, I perfer my Firefox addons thank you very much.

Opera (does anybody actually use this btw?) made a spoof of this video, here, once again showing the furious power of the potato, in all of its power.


If you head over to my youtube page (link in sidebar), you might notice one thing in my uploads: amv's. A lot of them...

It all started after my friend moved to a different house in my area, and didn't have internet for a while. I ended up downloading the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series for him (one which I had just finished watching and kept going on about how awesome it was). Keep in mind, this was before I found out about torrents, so I ended up downloading each episode one by one from random sites, in .flv form, then converting them with my trial version of some video converter so my friend could watch them on his computer.One thing about the video converter though, it left a gigantic watermark on the final video, which was annoying, but at least it got my friend through his forced internet hiatus.

After the fact though, I had a whole series of anime on my computer that I had already watched, and really had no use for. One day, however, I was listening to my Ipod, a song came on and I thought to myself "this would make a good amv." A little while after this, I found myself uploading my first video on youtube.

For a while I used these same videos (being too lazy to download another series), editing them with windows movie maker. Oh wmm, how I grew tired of your constant freezeups and lack of any real customization. I dealt with this until one day movie maker wouldn't let me save one of my movies, saying some of the files were missing. That was the last straw, and I ended up downloading Videopad, and remaking the entire movie in it. Later, I found out that videopad could import and edit .flv files- meaning i wouldn't have to convert anything. Using download helper, a firefox addon, I went and downloaded a whole new set of the eva series, and when on my way.

Recently, after the release of the Evangelion 2.0 Rebuild, I finnaly got serious. I broke down and got a torrent program, and downloaded (read:pirated) a copy of sony vegas, as well as the first Rebuild movie and the entire remastered series, which took a long time, but it was all worth it.

That brings us to now. Out of habit, I still make only eva amv's (as well as some shorts from other animes). I finished my first AMV from Vegas on the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie shortly after playing around with vegas to learn the program. You can see it here. I hope to continue making and improving my amv's, as well as expanding my anime collection.

August Burns Red

I recently discovered this band from a friend who sent me a link to one of their songs, Marianas Trench. Now I normally don't like screamo, but the beautiful intro to the song left me mesmerized. I went on to listen to some of their other songs, such as Meddler. Right from the beginning, it's full of so much absolutely bass-busting energy. I was once going through my cousin's cd collection, and on one of them he had written "To be played loud or not at all." Listening to these songs, I finally realize what that meant.

Unlike a lot of screamo, this band has a certain clarity that I like. All of the instruments sound well defined, and the lyrics mostly understandable. It's as if they are actually playing with a time signature, and the singer singing in a real key. I've tried listening to artists such as Slipknot, which I never really got into because they lack this. If you like any type of rock or hard rock, you should give this band a listen.

Dealing With Trolls

I found this while looking around for tips on blogging and building a blog, and I though it was funny, because there are actually some blogs actually try to get rid of people like us. Wtf man? As far as actual trolls here, don't be hatin'. Besides, I have seen many trolls in my day and I know what they look like (>trollface.jpg), so if you want to troll here please keep it in good spirits. Now that that is said, I shall leave you all with this.

"hahahaha. your an idiot."
That is all.


Hello everybody, and welcome to the troll cave. This is my first official post, as well as the beginning of an experiment for myself. I started this blog after the random spark of an idea I had with a friend, and I decided with this name because of my love of 4chan and related trolling activities. While I'm not a serious /b/tard, me and my friends like to prod eachother about the various jokes and memes created across the boards. If you look closely some of these jokes will be included in my posts. Some of my other interests include Anime, online gaming, music, photo and video editing, and just generally hanging around the internet.

I've always liked voicing my opinions about things, such as webcomics I read, animes I watch, and sites I visit. I also like to write, and have enjoyed writing essays on things I have opinions on, or about things that interest me. However, not all of my friends are always interested in hearing me go on and on about stuff they've never heard about. Whether people here read my ideas or not, it's still nice to have a place to just throw my thoughts and put them all together.