August Burns Red

I recently discovered this band from a friend who sent me a link to one of their songs, Marianas Trench. Now I normally don't like screamo, but the beautiful intro to the song left me mesmerized. I went on to listen to some of their other songs, such as Meddler. Right from the beginning, it's full of so much absolutely bass-busting energy. I was once going through my cousin's cd collection, and on one of them he had written "To be played loud or not at all." Listening to these songs, I finally realize what that meant.

Unlike a lot of screamo, this band has a certain clarity that I like. All of the instruments sound well defined, and the lyrics mostly understandable. It's as if they are actually playing with a time signature, and the singer singing in a real key. I've tried listening to artists such as Slipknot, which I never really got into because they lack this. If you like any type of rock or hard rock, you should give this band a listen.

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