Hello everybody, and welcome to the troll cave. This is my first official post, as well as the beginning of an experiment for myself. I started this blog after the random spark of an idea I had with a friend, and I decided with this name because of my love of 4chan and related trolling activities. While I'm not a serious /b/tard, me and my friends like to prod eachother about the various jokes and memes created across the boards. If you look closely some of these jokes will be included in my posts. Some of my other interests include Anime, online gaming, music, photo and video editing, and just generally hanging around the internet.

I've always liked voicing my opinions about things, such as webcomics I read, animes I watch, and sites I visit. I also like to write, and have enjoyed writing essays on things I have opinions on, or about things that interest me. However, not all of my friends are always interested in hearing me go on and on about stuff they've never heard about. Whether people here read my ideas or not, it's still nice to have a place to just throw my thoughts and put them all together.

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