It Came from Youtube

Wooo Yeah, tonight on "It came from Youtube," we're gonna pump some iron. I've got weight training tomorrow, so get ready to work up a sweat. Now shall we get things... shaking?

Ah the shake weight. This product has been successful in creating a long list of possible gags, what else could someone do with it? Enter creepy beard guy, complete with short shorts, working his uh... stuff in various locations around a gym, some R. Kelley wanna-be playing in the background. Add in plenty of double entendres (if the gyration wasn't good enough by itself) as well as some interesting camera angles, and you've got something like this. Who the hell lets someone bring a camera into a gym bathroom and changing room anyways?

What? The Troll Cave isn't wholesome for the whole family you say? You were fine with pedophilia, but you won't stand for a video with homosexual undertones? I guess I need to add in something about midgets (sorry, sorry, I meant short people, gosh) or something like TLC does to be fair to everyone.

What's next, you want me to teach your kids shit, then repeat it 5 times because they are hearing impaired and couldn't get it the first time? Whatever happened to the little Mexican girl? Deported you say? Too bad...


Sometimes I think a keyboard was purposely laid out so I can make horrible, context ruining typos. Even when I'm not typing with my face, I can still change something like:
     "I'm gonna give it a shot."
     "I'm gonna give it a shit."
I mean really, who puts the O and I right next to each other, not to mention that the O is also right under the nearly identical 0.  If you've ever had to put in some product code with both of them, (as well as 1's and l's and I's), you know it's probably easier carving a bar-code into the side of your arm than trying to distinguish them and enter them in one by one. 

Fuck you too, passwords. Via
Sometimes I wish the keyboardwas in alphabetical order, so I could use this joke:
My penis is so big, if you laid it out on a keyboard, it would go all the way from A to Z.
(If you can't understand why it doesn't work now, just look down.)

There is actually another type of keyboard out there, which many people are unaware of; the Dvorak.  I already hunt and peck though (quickly, mind you) so I'm pretty sure it would just destroy any progress I've made towards not having to look at my hands.  In the words of a Dvorak Keyboard, ufhw ledf wkjlewi djfna;o ,qwel.  I'm gonna get this instead.
I don't think it will let me program my own key setting though...

Dear Youtube

Oh Youtube, you so crazy. Crazy annoying.

I actually tallied up all of my videos, and I have 13 videos which fall under the "content id matched category," over a quarter. Of those, 2 of those have been blocked worldwide (plus one I took down), a couple blocked in some countries, and three of them like this:

 How about just list the countries where it isn't blocked next time?

4chan Friday

This week, prepare for 4chan Friday- in the THIRD~~~~DIMENSION~~~~~~.

Ok just kidding, there would be no way for me to do that.  But I did go see the Green Hornet in 3D earlier tonight, and the whole 3D thing kind of annoys me.  It seems like it's the new thing now especially in movies, which is brings me to the first board, Television & Film, or /tv/

I personally dislike 3D, it makes my eyes hurt and gives me a headache.  Then when you put the glasses on, it seems like everything is flying at you. My typical response to 3D is something like this:

Oh wow I feel like I can reach out and touch it, WHOA it tried to attack my face make it stop make it stop *bleh*.
Kind of like this.
I nearly shit myself during Avatar when I thought a fucking piece of burning ash fell on my lap.

Hell I don't even really go to watch movies.  I only went to the one tonight because my friend works at the theater and he got us in for free.  I'm pretty sure the last movie I saw was a porno.  What I really like is pictures.  Big, pretty pictures.

That's what /hr/ is for.  HR kind of sounds like some law firm to me, but it actually means High Resolution.  I was even lucky enough to stumble upon a Victoria's Secret thread.  Oh internet, you're so good to me.  Except when you airbrush out all the good stuff.  I'm pretty sure they even hid the chick's bellybutton.
What the hell, is that like plaster or something?  With high resolution, you can see everything like this.  I especially like goosebumps.


I’m pretty sure I have ADD. I think. Ooh Shiny.

At least my writing is kind of. In my posts I feel like I jump around sometimes, ending on a totally different note than when I started. I blame the internet.

If I had kb of download speed for every time I ended up on a different page than the one I wanted to go to, I would just be able to download the internet itself and save myself the trouble. Going through and looking for a video on youtube or page on Wikipedia usually stops halfway, as I get distracted and go to look at something else that suddenly seems a thousand times more interesting than what I had originally went out to look for. It's even worse if whatever I was searching for happens to be something important like say, homework.

Also in my ADD category is music.  Shuffle is both my friend and my worst enemy.  Usually once I've heard the chorus of the song I like, the next button seems more and more enticing.  Then I move onto the next song which is usually sounds bad compared to what I was listening to.  Twenty songs later I hit something like Tool which has no regular chorus, and I am able to listen to a song all the way through...

It Came from Youtube

If you add the internet to anything, it immediately gets better. Especially school. While the only experience I have with this is hanging out in the computer lab during lunch while I was in high school, I can say it helped me from going insane. I only wish that I could have brought it into my English class.

This kind of makes me want to read the books myself. But then again that's a lot of words.

Sometimes when the internet comes in, they fuck everything up. Like this.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. This is why we can't have nice things. But I can't say I'm not proud. Hell, we don't need those nice things anyways. Keep on trollin, I guess.

Unintended Purpose

The funnest people to troll are those who are least expecting it. The only thing is that there probably won’t be many people around to share in the lulz.

“If a troll roars in the woods, and no one is around to rage at it, does it make a sound?”
You can still screen shot it and post it on 4chan though.

Shopping online is a great place to find these people. Even if you’re completely internet retarded (aka troll bait), you can still figure out how to go online and buy shit. Lots of sites out there have a huge variety of products, with just as many uses. Finding out the correct uses is another story. Let’s take the mobile internet antenna for your car as an example. Looking at the comments, it is pretty popular, and goes to good use.
“I absolutely love this product. With this, I can totally check my mail and Facebook even when I’m driving around. I’ve even started playing poker online; it really takes the edge off of those long road trips.”
Eh, roads these days are safe enough, you don’t need to always pay attention. Only unsafe drivers need to pull over. The real problem is the laptop getting in the way of your steering. I mean, how are you supposed to see the screen if you have to fold it down to steer? There’s totally a product for that though.
Possibilities: endless.
This new technology nowadays really impresses me. Now I can surf the internet without the steering wheel getting in the way of everything. But that’s not the only use. Me and my buddies totally use this for mixing drinks and pouring shots driving between bars. It’s pretty annoying having to go through sharp turns though. I better down another shot to help dull the feeling of all those g-forces...

Why I will never understand Rpgs.

It seems it’s another episode of “stuff I don’t get”. This should totally become something I do regularly. Probably not though.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love role playing games- I’ve been playing them for many many years now, ever since my parents bought me a GameCube way back when. Ok, so I never played old-school stuff, but that’s beside the point.

The plot of an rpg goes something like this. You start out as some unnamed generic hero living your everyday boring life. Even though you're completely oblivious to it, there is something special about you or your town, but you really could care less, you’re too busy laying around in the sun. Sometimes your weird neighbors ask you to do menial tasks and shit, but you know nothing those chores teach you will ever come in handy.

So one day just out of the blue day bad stuff happens. Maybe your family, friends or one of your lazy-fuck neighbors got carried off by some big ugly guy. Who knows. Perhaps your town was housing some uber valuable but super dangerous treasure somewhere, and that those guys that took your baby sister (or girlfriend, or whoever) yoinked that too.  They probably plan to destroy the world and rape little children with it.

Suddenly, you realize you have some amazing power within you, and that you and only you, all by yourself, can defeat your cousin's captors and free them. You might get some training (read: mashing buttons) along the way, a shiny oversized weapon, and most likely some magical sidekick who has nothing better to do than follow you around and spout obvious observations about your surroundings.  You then proceed get up off your lazy ass and leave the only place you’ve ever known to go god knows where and trudge through countless obstacles that somehow get placed directly in your path. If you are lucky enough to be able to talk, you may even get some companions to help.

There’s plenty of interesting people out there in NPC land too, most of them looking for some poor chump to be their errand boy. “Hey, I know the world is on the verge of destruction and all, but could you go and gather gleaming piles of Dorlax Droppings for me? You only have to kill 500 of them! Thanks!”

Don’t even get me started on how messed up the crafting systems are in some of these games…

4chan Friday

Ok guys tonight I have something special for you all.  Instead of 4chan Friday, tonight I'm going to 7chan.  Thats right, hold on to your fuckin magnets, cause here we go.

I've long kept 7chan at an arms reach.  Why?  Well, I figure that is 4chan is bad sometimes, what am I going to do with seven of them?  Ok just kidding that was a joke.  The truth is, I actually came here a while ago, before I became immune to the freaky shit on the internet [those were pretty bad days if you ask me].  So I was kind of chillin and looking around, and I notice a board called 'Cake'.  I thought to myself, "What could go wrong?"  Oooooh no, let me tell you something.  When they say the cake is a lie, you better believe them.  What did I find in cake you ask?  CP central (link sfw).

Long story short, that day I found out I was a pedophile.  Some people say that watching anime will turn you into one, but I want to call bullshit on that because I was a pedo long before that.  Anyways, I think some time ago 7chan did get in trouble for having underage children up, so nowadays cake is just for anime.

Ignoring my childhood trauma, 7chan isn't really as horrible as people say, but it probably is worse than 4chan.  As far as the setup goes, it is very similar to 4chan, with a lot of the same board, such as Random, Anime, Wallpapers, and of course porn.  But they also have a board dedicated to minecraft.  How freakin' sweet is that?

So anyways, that's about it.  This place also gets a lot less traffic than 4chan, and you will tend to see the same old threads laying around.  Just remember, go here at your own risk.

The Dangers of The Internet

So you think you're safe on the internet? Wrong!

Anon. One of the most powerful people on the internet. But just because it has a lot of penises (over 9000) doesn’t mean that someone won’t be able to single one out and chop it off. You may think that you’re anonymous on 4chan, as well as many other places on the internet, but there are ways people can and will figure out.

"We gonna find you." - Antoine Dodson
Between most sites knowing your IP (on top other things) and probably several other like Facebook selling off your personal information for top dollar, you can’t escape. But if all you’re doing is looking at pron, you should be fine. Maybe. Or you could be starring in it yourself.
"Everyday, about 50,000 new men are trying to get naked," he says. "What we're doing is selling the naked men to a couple of websites--it's an investment for us."

When users flag someone enough times for indecent behavior (by clicking a button), the offender is automatically transferred to a partner site. Thanks to deals with adult dating services like, Chatroulette is earning cash hand over fist from the referral traffic.
Tldr; if you’re a guy going on chatroulett naked, they’re going to send you to a porn site and try to sell you off. If you’re watching porn one day and say “hey wait a second, those are my testicles” you might have been a victim. You might also be gay for looking at videos of naked men.

But if you really aren’t afraid of getting caught (or sitting behind enough proxies, international laws, firewalls, suits of kevlar, and any other sources of protection) you can go and do something epic like this.  Ok so some guys hacked a school,  bumped up the lunch prices, expelled some kids, and sent out messages that will probably only confuse parents.  Call me when you get into the Pentagon.

It Came from Youtube

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more look like? I know I have. Sometimes you just gotta sit it out and let it all go by. Like this guy.

While we're on the subject, do you like pies? No? OK then, how about sandwiches? Yes, that puts it where it needs to go. But you wanna know what the thing I like the most is? Trains.


The Mind of a Blogger

Actually probably just my mind. I would think I'm an atypical blogger, so I doubt many other people do things the way I do. Trying to follow what I do is probably a bad idea. I know many people out there do stuff like write their posts days in advance, edit them, check them over, and then make sure they're all formatted right before posting. I just kind of write most of mine minutes before they're posted, with only a limited amount of brainstorming. I sometimes have typos and bad formatting with my posts, but somehow it works out.

I get random ideas about stuff I could post while going about my day. I guess this is one of the few things I have in common with other bloggers. Sometimes I remember them until the time when I can write them down, but other times I know that I forgot a way I was going to say something that would have been funny. I’ve turned to keeping a notepad by my bed, because I usually have good ideas while lying there trying to go to sleep. Although many of the notes are written in the dark with my glasses off, and despite all the built-in night lights in my room it still looks like random chicken scratches in the morning.

Lights in my room at night; heater, cpu, keyboard, router/modem, phone
I also have two separate blog 'receptacles' that I keep on my desktop for adding blog ideas to. One is simply a notepad document where I pretty much write any phrase or topic to develop later, although these always take a while to bring out- I even have a couple from back when this blog started. The second is a word document that is full full half developed ideas, some random copy/pastas from different places, and other random stuff like this- (ノ゜Д゜)ノ. Sometimes It might even house a pre-written post if I’m feeling ambitious enough (but you know I rarely do this.)

Blogs always have their own atmosphere, but there are some things that every blog needs. Like a random tag. It’s always nice being able to thrown in something that doesn’t quite fit it, and still have it be accepted. I kind of abuse mine though, being that almost a quarter of my posts fall under this category. But as long as people laugh at what I write, no matter how offbeat it is, it’s cool.

Anime Openings

There are several types of anime openings and endings. Barring a few such as the Ghost in the Shell and Serial Experiments Lain openings which have openings in Russian and English, most of them are in Japanese, usually with some Engrish thrown in. Just as in western music, there are different genres. In general, there are three genres of anime music; rock, pop, and moé (cutesy).

The Japanese J-pop scene is probably the most popular, recognizable pretty much all over the world. Any opening of ending by groups like Flow, L’Arc En Ciel, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Orange Range, or any other J-Pop group falls under this category. Patty and Konata can probably explain it better.

Rock is kind of similar to pop, especially in the instrumentation, but rock has more power to it. In other words, the music has a different feel to it, even with a similar sound. Take the Xam’d opening, by one of my favorite J-rock bands, Boom Boom Satellites.

Moé, the final type, is hard to define in English, but if you hear it, it becomes clear.

I personally like some of these, especially when voice actors from the series sing the theme songs themselves, such as what happens here or in others such as K-On. Sometimes it sounds like the singers are little girls, and despite voicing them, they actually aren’t. Of course, there are female Japanese singers who don’t sound like little girls, and some males singers who do.

Another one of my favorite Op’s is an oddball, being that it is sung by a Japanese artist, but it is done completely in English. Some of you may recognize it.

I know I have some Bleach fans out here.

4chan Friday

It's 4chan Friday.  I think you could have guessed that by the title though.  And the date, being that it's Friday and all.  Yes, this blog can be pretty predicable.  But that's why I thrown in stuff like this to throw you off. 

A new board came out earlier this week, and I though I would jump on it before it all went to shit like some other boards.  Oh wait, too late.  Anyways, Social, or /soc/ is ind of like the 4chan version of Facebook, so basically you can stalk people and look at their pictures that they post.  It's like a stalkers dream!

You can assume a lot of stuff about a person just from the fact that they browse 4chan.  But here on /soc/ you actually have a face to point and laugh at.  Or a pair of tits to fap to (if you're lucky).  Or a penis to quickly scroll past, telling yourself you are secure in your masculinity.  You can also look for a hookup thread to find people who might be in your area, and are probably 40 year men who want to rape you.  But you can never be sure!

Since I did /h/ last week, I thought I would do it's other half, /d/ or Alternative Hentai.  Basically, hentai that is a little... different.  Soimething you normally wouldn't see, nor want to see unless you have a craving for something weird and out there.  Something like...
Ah yes, this fits perfectly.

Create a Cover

Since I'm becoming a hipster and constantly looking for new indie bands, I figured I would make a band myself, or at least an album cover for them. Also because this is one of the most entertaining chain-message games I have seen in a while. I've seen this on Facebook as well as other places, but the most recent was on I have seen the whole of the internet.

1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 - Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days” Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4 - Use photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together.

Here's a couple of mine.

 I could sell these.  Anyways, post your own!

It Came from Youtube

I'm a pretty avid tweeter, and while I don't follow some of the big names such as @justinbieber or @kanyewest, their tweets somehow work their way into my field of awareness. Like how tweets involving Justin Bieber take up stupid amounts of server space on Twitter. Sometimes it isn't always bad though.

You already know how I feel about Kanye West, and I know I tweet some really random stuff myself, but some of his tweets make me think he is just in his own world of Kanye, seperate from us all.

Since I couldn't find another video, I figured I would turn to Twitter once again, and go through my feed to find the first video on the list and post it here. So here, thanks to @dirtykei here is something which I actually can relate pretty well too.

Before I watched tons of anime, I was a Trekki. And it was pretty awesome. But that's a story for another time.

QWOP Me Harder

I said I would do something new, and I delivered. This is the first of (hopefully) many video blogs. The video can explain the rest.

Along the way, I found out a couple of things, such as the fact that my mic picks up every time I breath and sounds crappy in general. The other being that sometimes you will have to pay for something that is free, in my case “free screen recorder.” Having the license expire during recording will make you rage more than this game, believe me. However, I found another screen recorder, which actually turned out to be almost exactly the same as the other, leading me to believe that someone took it, made it look a bit different, then tried to sell it for money. Oh internet, you so crazy.

Now Searching

So I've reached another milestone, 200 posts.  For many other blogs that just post funny pictures and Youtube videos, this isn't too great, but since I handpick topics and write out stuff to make you laugh, I feel like I put in a lot to get this far.  Trollin' ain't easy.  But I'm not just gonna sit here all night and talk about how my blog is superior.

I have been getting a lot of hits recently, which I am glad of.  However I wonder what people I am bringing in due to the nature of my posts and what keywords they contain.  Some of this stuff is aimed at 4chan users of course, and while I'm not saying that we're the most upstanding of people who browse the internet, I can say that there are some decent folks there.  What I'm really worried about is everyone else.

Let's take a look at some search keywords that I have seen come up on my stats:
-Desu.  Anywhere from one to five.  The most popular ones contain 3 and 5.  I don't know what significance this holds.  Suiseiseki and desu eyes also come up.
-The ignorant masses.  I said this once, referencing people who are likely to wander onto 4chan and get trolled unknowingly.  Now the whole world thinks I hate them.
-Troll Science.  People seem to like this, as the post as well as the pictures have gotten a lot of hits.  Who would have known so many people love magnets?

Those are pretty much to be expected, as well as anything related to trolls.  Except naked and/or female trolls, which I have seen before on my searches, but I have never even posted about once.  I don't even think I've mentioned rule 34 here before, yet it still effects the searches.  Oh look, I just created a gold mine of new terms to drag more people here. 

Finally, I also have a lot of hits looking for hentai and hentai wallpapers and anime.  Sorry guys, it's all (mostly) safe for work here.  But I did post about /h/ on 4chan just yesterday.  Go there.  For the rest of you, keep being awesome.
Something new is coming soon as well!

4chan Friday

Welcome again to another issue of 4chan Friday. There are still many places we have yet to discover, let us go.

picture is unrelated
Robot 9000, or /r9k/ is a forum that I have been to before, but I still can't seem to figure out out.  On the surface, it seems like it's just another /b/ but I know there should be more.  For instance, robots.  Lots of them.  I know at some point there were robots.  I think.  Their motto is "together alone," which could point to the fact that they are refugees of some sort from /b/, or I may be just over thinking it.  I looked through all the pages, yet there is no sign of robots or DBZ references.  It seems like a mystery for another day...

And while we're trying to figure it out, let's look at some boobies.  Cartoon boobies to be exact.  /h/ stands for Hentai, a certain guilty pleasure of mine. 
I finally got to use this picture I shopped a while ago.
One time me and my friend had to describe hentai or "cartoon porn" as it was so accurately described to this girl in our small group communications group.  I don't think she got the full gist of it, and probably thought we were kind of weird, but we definitely made an impact.

Winter Anime

This season's anime list will be a more "for your information" than anything else.  I don't plan to watch as near as much anime as I did in 2010.  In fact, I've already picked out two to watch, Kimi ni Todoke and Mitsudomoe season 2.  It's kind of a mix of me being burnt out, and that this season doesn't seem incredibly interesting.  But I know I will be watching other animes that I have been wanting to see.  For anyone who is keeping up with the various series, here is a great site to see when the various shows get broadcasted.  Anyways, that's it for now.

The Drop Effect

As a kid, I thought that everything tasted better if I shook it up first. Justice, milk, even sodas, doomed to being flat and tasteless; every drink container that got into my hands was violently taken for a spin. The message that I had seen once on a label saying “shake well before serving,” suddenly applied to everything. I’m just glad my parents never had another child, for fear that I would try the same to it- there is a thin line between playing and shaken baby syndrome. It’s surprising, even a non-carbonated drink, if shaken up enough in a sealed container, will generate enough bubbles to generate a reaction similar to if it was carbonated.

Protip: Freeze Mentos in an icecube then wait...

Drinks aren’t the only things that suddenly become better when faced with agitation. I tend to like vending machines, older ones to be specific, because the food drops down to the trapdoor where they meet a cold hard floor where they are soon doomed to be eaten. The newer ones use fancy conveyor belt systems to bring your tasty snack down to rest safely, however it requires an impact with a hard surface before the true flavor is unlocked.  To ensure the best quality, you still have to drop it first.
Don't drop this though.
The same goes for a candy bar bought (or stolen, if that is your preference) off a shelf. It’s like a glow stick. Before you release the hidden magic, it has to be given a little beating. Before I go and make a domestic violence joke here, let me ask you one thing. Doesn’t a candy bar from a vending machine always taste the best?

It Came from Youtube

Here at the Troll Cave, we approve of being creative. Doing and using things differently than intended can be fun. Or the fact that you voided the warranty that was put there in place to protect you may lead to unexpected effects.

(via The Daily What)
Ok, so I don't think filling a child's toy with a flammable liquid is listed under the instructions as "do not do this," but that's probably because most people assume that the user will have enough common sense not to do it. Thus is the fault in assuming anything.

I don't think Tchaikovsky assumed either that one of his songs would get a techno/rock remix either, or if he even knew what techno was. But I think that being creative worked here pretty well.

New Year's Resolutions

Everything has to change a some point, even trolls.  Not that I'm going to change my internet lurking and trolling ways, but I figure that I could do some things to make things better in some way (without me having to get up from my comfy seat here in front of my computer).  I'll put them to the theme of my different tags.

I want to watch more anime for at least this winter, because I really won't need my Japanese for the time being while I take French next semester.  I plan to finally watch some anime I've been wanting to get around to.

For music, I plan to remove all of the crappy songs I never listen to off my Ipod in order to fit in the new stuff I've downloaded. 

I will probably keep doing random stuff.  Here and in real life.  Speaking of real life, I want to keep myself from staying up so late from now on, but then again here I am writing a post at 3am.

I want to become a better troll, and keep lurking and trolling the internet.  As my conquest of 4chan and beyond continues, I will continue to post the results here for all to see.

For youtube, I want to post something amazing on there this year.  The new camera I just bought can also shoot 720p video, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Now all that's left is the motivation for me to do all of this. Tell me some of your New Year's Resolutions.

Anime Fall Season

Well, this season I watched even more than the last season (11 animes in total, on top of regular stuff) , and believe me, it was a workout, but totally worth it. Looking back on it now, last season I wrote way too much so I’m gonna cut this down a lot. As for rating the individual series, I figured out a better scale as well, based on how much I looked forwards to watching them each week. 1 being “Man, I can’t wait,” 2’s being nothing special, and 3 as “Ugh, Do I really have to watch this?,” or something along those lines. You get it.

Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2
I almost gave this a two, just because it always took forever to get subbed, and I kind of forgot about it.  However, every episode I said to myself ‘This is the best episode ever,” especially the last two, which were epically hilarious.

Nino in a bikini was a plus too.
I picked this up a few episodes in, and while it is pretty much a Shojo (girly) anime, I liked it.  It had some cute moments, and was pretty funny overall.  It even had a trap character which I was strangely attracted to on several occasions. Totally not gay though.

This was one of my favorites last season, and it just wrapped up a couple days ago.  The last few episodes were such an emotional ride, with lots of suspense, an awesome story, and a huge cast of interesting characters. You can read more about it in my last season's wrap up.

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawateiru
This is the second one I picked up late, and I’m so glad I did.  First off, the main character was voiced by my favorite seiyuu, Chiaka Omigawa, who also voiced Mitsuba from last season’s Seitokai, also known as “Dat Voice.”  On top of that, there were maids, lots of cute characters, with a great sense of humor.  Definitely my pick for favorite.
Lesbians not included
Amagami SS
I picked this up after I dropped it last season, and I have to say I enjoyed it.  Many of the girls had better arcs than I would have expected.  Sex hair is still my favorite though.

This bored me a bit at first, but after they got past the introduction and got into the real story, I really liked it. I guess a plot based anime with no action or fan service is fine too. Looking forwards to the second half.

Ika Musume
This one was always fun and cute- a nice change from a lot of stressful action anime with lots of yelling and stuff. Plus, almost every episode being a beach episode was cool too.
Ika and Index?  Twins?
Index Season 2
All I can say is that this wasn’t as good as the first season. I probably will watch the second half, just so I can see some Accelerator action if they ever progress beyond chasing around scantily clad large breasted women.

Ore no Imotou ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
I think this would be better called “My Older Brother Can’t be this Understanding” or “My Little Sister can’t be this much of a Bitch.” I have to give them a bit and say that Kirini definitely was cute, but she was just as annoying. It had some good moments, but in the end it was more moé junk.

Panty and Stocking
I’ve always been a Gainex fan, but I felt let down with this. The humor was vulgar and overly sexual, and even grossed me out a couple times. The animation was horrible, and only turned good for a second while they turned into stripper-angels. I actually liked the Chuck and Garterbelt episodes more than the regular ones. The only saving grace was the last two episodes where the geeky boy turned into a stud, and the slut angel suddenly turned pure, creating some diversity.
I actually liked the music, one of the better elements, as well the fan art that popped up everywhere, both of which helped a bit, but not enough to save it.

Star Driver
I felt like every episode of this was the same thing. The same transformation and fight scene, with a slightly different lead-up and if you were lucky, different characters. And what characters they were, with their stupidly colorful and often revealing outfits. I dropped it after I saw that I would have more than 12 episodes. I might watch the last one though, just to see what happens. I don’t think I’ll miss anything.

And there we go!  As far as all of 2010 went, there was some good anime, then there was some bad anime.  While I didn't start following what was coming out until the summer, I picked some of my favorites.

Summer was my first season here on the blog, and I only really watched two- Working! and Arakawa Season one.  Both of these were great, and I don't really know if I could pick just one.  For the Fall, many of you already know my favorite, Seitokai Yakuindomo.  Finally, this season would have to be Soredemo Machi wa Mawateiru.  Lots of long names in there, but as for my pick for my favorite anime of the year, it has a slightly shorter name, and that name would be Shiki. 

And now it's time for 2011 and all if its anime.  I'll be here to keep trollin' and provide all your anime needs, so stick around.  Remember these are only my opinions, so don't hate me!