4chan Friday

Welcome again to another issue of 4chan Friday. There are still many places we have yet to discover, let us go.

picture is unrelated
Robot 9000, or /r9k/ is a forum that I have been to before, but I still can't seem to figure out out.  On the surface, it seems like it's just another /b/ but I know there should be more.  For instance, robots.  Lots of them.  I know at some point there were robots.  I think.  Their motto is "together alone," which could point to the fact that they are refugees of some sort from /b/, or I may be just over thinking it.  I looked through all the pages, yet there is no sign of robots or DBZ references.  It seems like a mystery for another day...

And while we're trying to figure it out, let's look at some boobies.  Cartoon boobies to be exact.  /h/ stands for Hentai, a certain guilty pleasure of mine. 
I finally got to use this picture I shopped a while ago.
One time me and my friend had to describe hentai or "cartoon porn" as it was so accurately described to this girl in our small group communications group.  I don't think she got the full gist of it, and probably thought we were kind of weird, but we definitely made an impact.

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