Unintended Purpose

The funnest people to troll are those who are least expecting it. The only thing is that there probably won’t be many people around to share in the lulz.

“If a troll roars in the woods, and no one is around to rage at it, does it make a sound?”
You can still screen shot it and post it on 4chan though.

Shopping online is a great place to find these people. Even if you’re completely internet retarded (aka troll bait), you can still figure out how to go online and buy shit. Lots of sites out there have a huge variety of products, with just as many uses. Finding out the correct uses is another story. Let’s take the mobile internet antenna for your car as an example. Looking at the comments, it is pretty popular, and goes to good use.
“I absolutely love this product. With this, I can totally check my mail and Facebook even when I’m driving around. I’ve even started playing poker online; it really takes the edge off of those long road trips.”
Eh, roads these days are safe enough, you don’t need to always pay attention. Only unsafe drivers need to pull over. The real problem is the laptop getting in the way of your steering. I mean, how are you supposed to see the screen if you have to fold it down to steer? There’s totally a product for that though.
Possibilities: endless.
This new technology nowadays really impresses me. Now I can surf the internet without the steering wheel getting in the way of everything. But that’s not the only use. Me and my buddies totally use this for mixing drinks and pouring shots driving between bars. It’s pretty annoying having to go through sharp turns though. I better down another shot to help dull the feeling of all those g-forces...

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