4chan Friday

It's 4chan Friday.  I think you could have guessed that by the title though.  And the date, being that it's Friday and all.  Yes, this blog can be pretty predicable.  But that's why I thrown in stuff like this to throw you off. 

A new board came out earlier this week, and I though I would jump on it before it all went to shit like some other boards.  Oh wait, too late.  Anyways, Social, or /soc/ is ind of like the 4chan version of Facebook, so basically you can stalk people and look at their pictures that they post.  It's like a stalkers dream!

You can assume a lot of stuff about a person just from the fact that they browse 4chan.  But here on /soc/ you actually have a face to point and laugh at.  Or a pair of tits to fap to (if you're lucky).  Or a penis to quickly scroll past, telling yourself you are secure in your masculinity.  You can also look for a hookup thread to find people who might be in your area, and are probably 40 year men who want to rape you.  But you can never be sure!

Since I did /h/ last week, I thought I would do it's other half, /d/ or Alternative Hentai.  Basically, hentai that is a little... different.  Soimething you normally wouldn't see, nor want to see unless you have a craving for something weird and out there.  Something like...
Ah yes, this fits perfectly.

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