It Came from Youtube

I'm a pretty avid tweeter, and while I don't follow some of the big names such as @justinbieber or @kanyewest, their tweets somehow work their way into my field of awareness. Like how tweets involving Justin Bieber take up stupid amounts of server space on Twitter. Sometimes it isn't always bad though.

You already know how I feel about Kanye West, and I know I tweet some really random stuff myself, but some of his tweets make me think he is just in his own world of Kanye, seperate from us all.

Since I couldn't find another video, I figured I would turn to Twitter once again, and go through my feed to find the first video on the list and post it here. So here, thanks to @dirtykei here is something which I actually can relate pretty well too.

Before I watched tons of anime, I was a Trekki. And it was pretty awesome. But that's a story for another time.

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