Sometimes I think a keyboard was purposely laid out so I can make horrible, context ruining typos. Even when I'm not typing with my face, I can still change something like:
     "I'm gonna give it a shot."
     "I'm gonna give it a shit."
I mean really, who puts the O and I right next to each other, not to mention that the O is also right under the nearly identical 0.  If you've ever had to put in some product code with both of them, (as well as 1's and l's and I's), you know it's probably easier carving a bar-code into the side of your arm than trying to distinguish them and enter them in one by one. 

Fuck you too, passwords. Via
Sometimes I wish the keyboardwas in alphabetical order, so I could use this joke:
My penis is so big, if you laid it out on a keyboard, it would go all the way from A to Z.
(If you can't understand why it doesn't work now, just look down.)

There is actually another type of keyboard out there, which many people are unaware of; the Dvorak.  I already hunt and peck though (quickly, mind you) so I'm pretty sure it would just destroy any progress I've made towards not having to look at my hands.  In the words of a Dvorak Keyboard, ufhw ledf wkjlewi djfna;o ,qwel.  I'm gonna get this instead.
I don't think it will let me program my own key setting though...

2 Response to "Qwerty"

  1. Teutorix January 31, 2011 at 1:24 AM
    I'm pretty happy with my qwerty keyboard, all those years of gaming made me good at using it.
  2. Anonymouse January 31, 2011 at 7:29 AM
    qwerty is the standard but dvorak is supposedly better. world record typists usually favor dvorak. i thought about ordering a das keyboard once but then i just took a sharpie to a regular black keyboard to save money.

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