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So I've reached another milestone, 200 posts.  For many other blogs that just post funny pictures and Youtube videos, this isn't too great, but since I handpick topics and write out stuff to make you laugh, I feel like I put in a lot to get this far.  Trollin' ain't easy.  But I'm not just gonna sit here all night and talk about how my blog is superior.

I have been getting a lot of hits recently, which I am glad of.  However I wonder what people I am bringing in due to the nature of my posts and what keywords they contain.  Some of this stuff is aimed at 4chan users of course, and while I'm not saying that we're the most upstanding of people who browse the internet, I can say that there are some decent folks there.  What I'm really worried about is everyone else.

Let's take a look at some search keywords that I have seen come up on my stats:
-Desu.  Anywhere from one to five.  The most popular ones contain 3 and 5.  I don't know what significance this holds.  Suiseiseki and desu eyes also come up.
-The ignorant masses.  I said this once, referencing people who are likely to wander onto 4chan and get trolled unknowingly.  Now the whole world thinks I hate them.
-Troll Science.  People seem to like this, as the post as well as the pictures have gotten a lot of hits.  Who would have known so many people love magnets?

Those are pretty much to be expected, as well as anything related to trolls.  Except naked and/or female trolls, which I have seen before on my searches, but I have never even posted about once.  I don't even think I've mentioned rule 34 here before, yet it still effects the searches.  Oh look, I just created a gold mine of new terms to drag more people here. 

Finally, I also have a lot of hits looking for hentai and hentai wallpapers and anime.  Sorry guys, it's all (mostly) safe for work here.  But I did post about /h/ on 4chan just yesterday.  Go there.  For the rest of you, keep being awesome.
Something new is coming soon as well!

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  1. Tango Anglo January 9, 2011 at 6:27 PM
    Yeesh, I can't imagine writing that much now. I guess it just builds over time. keep up the good work!

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