New Year's Resolutions

Everything has to change a some point, even trolls.  Not that I'm going to change my internet lurking and trolling ways, but I figure that I could do some things to make things better in some way (without me having to get up from my comfy seat here in front of my computer).  I'll put them to the theme of my different tags.

I want to watch more anime for at least this winter, because I really won't need my Japanese for the time being while I take French next semester.  I plan to finally watch some anime I've been wanting to get around to.

For music, I plan to remove all of the crappy songs I never listen to off my Ipod in order to fit in the new stuff I've downloaded. 

I will probably keep doing random stuff.  Here and in real life.  Speaking of real life, I want to keep myself from staying up so late from now on, but then again here I am writing a post at 3am.

I want to become a better troll, and keep lurking and trolling the internet.  As my conquest of 4chan and beyond continues, I will continue to post the results here for all to see.

For youtube, I want to post something amazing on there this year.  The new camera I just bought can also shoot 720p video, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Now all that's left is the motivation for me to do all of this. Tell me some of your New Year's Resolutions.

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