You'ze Be Trollin!

Yes, as the Troll Man, that is part of my job. 

This blog is basically the public dumping ground of my mind and all of its contents, which includes, but is not limited to, trolling.  I talk about a lot of anime, but I don't really consider this to be a full-blown anime blog, so I try to write about it in a way so non-anime watchers will understand.  Other stuff I write on is based off of my adventures in real life, on Youtube, 4chan, and basically anywhere around the internet in general

Most of the stuff I write on pops into my head randomly, usually within the hour before I actually post it.  I normally like to write at night when there are no interruptions and I can just listen to music and mash my keyboard in peace.  Some things I write are planned though.  Up until October, every Monday was an "episode" of Bad-Ass Anime Character of the week, which eventually became every other week then Anime Cutie of the Week came in.  Currently running is my "It Came from Youtube Series" (once called "Best of Youtube") where I take some of my favorite videos from one of the most popular sites on the internet then add in my own touch of bad commentary.