The Cave

My house is becoming more and more like a cave. It's not my choosing though. The light in my room burnt out a while ago, and I just kind of left it there, causing my room to turn into a cave-like state of darkness This isn't the first time either. I moved into this house over a year ago, and so far the light in my room has burnt out over five times- I'm pretty sure the wiring in this house is one big kludge.

Somewhere in my house, this is set up.

In the winter, I run a small space heater in my room (one of my friends accidentally melted my trash can with it one time he was house sitting.) My mom had just gotten out of the shower one time, and she decided to dry her hair. Upon turning it on, the circuit breaker flipped and all of the power in the back part of the house went off. Of course, stuff like this only happens when I happen to have unsaved work up on my computer, but that's a different matter.

Another instance of the probably horrible wiring in this house happened one night when I was watching TV. It was after my mom had gone to sleep and I was the only one using power. Suddenly, the breaker flipped off, and after searching in the dark for a flashlight, which ended up being the light on my video camera because my mom is too cheap to buy a real one, I wandered over the the circuit breaker (which just happens to be in my room, seriously wtf?) and turn the power back on. However, the light stayed off, being freshly burnt out. I'm no electrician, but that really doesn't seem right.

just gotta find the correct wire...
The first time that it burnt out, I went to replace it, and I found that it had two bulbs- one of which was already in there, burnt out, from before we had moved in. And that's just my room. The light in my mom's room and the dining room have also burnt out before. We don't even have a light in the living room, and the one stand light we have for it got knocked over and broke. It's like this house wants to remain in the dark.

Recently I actually replaced the light in my fixture, and when I flipped the switch the bright lights were almost too much, as if to taunt me for being in the dark for so long. So I turned it off once again.

4chan Friday

Tonight, /tg/ and /i/

/tg/ stands for "Traditional Games." From a quick glance, it seems that this encompasses everything considered a game- Board Games, Video games, Dnd, and other similar role playing type games. One of these games is sort of a "what would you do" game; what you would equip yourself with to fight zombies with?
This is one setup somebody posted. While I can agree the iced tea and the battle anthem (Queen ftw), I have to pick apart the rest. First is the clunky mountain bike. While your friend rides away on a smooth road bike, you will be eaten by zombies while trying to shift out of a high gear. Next is the Indian war club, what a horrible choice. Who would want an old weapon like that to bash heads in with? On top of that, it's Indian, and look what it did to stop us white settlers who ended up forcing them to work in casinos.

/i/ stands for Oekaki, which my Japanese dictionary tells me means "doodling" or "scribbling." Basically, it's a forum for displaying amazing works of art on paint, or paint like software. However what amazed me was that the board has a built in program for this- you can draw something online then uploaded it all at once with a simple Java app. You can even view animations of people making their illustrations. It's great for people who can't afford paint to... wait what paint comes included with Windows, what are you trying to pull? Quit trying to be a hipster and get rid of your Linux already. But hey, people are making good stuff with this.
this not being one of them
 And then there's a bunch of drawings of penises...


Halloween is almost here, and that means a lot of things.  Okay so I'm in college and I had to give up trick or treating a while ago, but that doesn't mean I can't stay home and have fun.  Handing out candy to little kids, scaring them, then the stealing back said candy.  I wonder if parents would get mad at me if I dressed up as pedobear...

The Real Pedobar (via)
Giving out free candy is the spirit of Halloween.  Now if you will just come into my house for a bit...

Hold on guys,this isn't what you think it is!  She told me she was, eighteen.  Seriously, I didn't know she was five!

It Came from Yotube

"It Came from Youtube" will now occur on Mondays, so the rest of the week I can take it a little bit easier (read: be lazy).

If I were to describe this in only two words, it would have to be "Holy Crap." It's like the took two big chucks of pop-culture history and jammed them into one. Wait, they did do that.

Look at this guy. He only has one arm on his glasses, and his nasty roommates are wandering around, yet he doesn't give a shit. He can pump out beats faster than you can strip down and party-boy to them.


Because for every weird thing in the world, a Wikipedia article exists about it.

The Inerrobang:

The interrobang, interabang, or quesclamation mark, ‽, is a nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of the question mark (also called the interrogative point) and the exclamation mark or exclamation point (known in printers' jargon as the bang).
The name kind of reminds me of the McGangbang, which is basically a McDouble with a McChicken stuffed in between the two patties.  Delicious heart clogging, dollar menu goodness.

Godwin's Law
Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies) is a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin in 1989 which has become an Internet adage. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." In other words, Godwin put forth the sarcastic observation that, given enough time, all discussions—regardless of topic or scope—inevitably end up being about Hitler and the Nazis.

I can attest to this, especially on random internet forums. In my Small Group Communications class, we were doing a presentation on Leadership, and guess who came up? Even in my psych class, there was a discussion about disorders making people do extreme stuff, such as wanting to exterminate races and stuff. Crazy, right?


The worst has happened. My girlfriend, while looking for a gift for me, asked one of my friends what anime I like (She knows I like it, but she doesn't watch it herself). My friend told her “Gurren Lagann.” Well, she ended up Google searching it, and found pictures (hopefully clothed ones) of Yoko, or as she liked to call, “Busty Red-Head Girl."  Blinded by the underboob and hip-high boots, she even completely ignored all of the pictures of Kamina and his awesomeness.  If you want to read her whole response, go here.

So the next day at school, she brought it up (with her friends around of course.) Luckily the friend who told her did some damage control beforehand, so I didn't have to talk my way out too much. Despite my other friend butting in and almost making it worse (he brought up Elfen Lied, which he badly tried to describe from the two episodes he's seen) I was able to explain to her the significance of the fan-service girl in anime. However, I don't think I made any positive progress by saying to her “You're the only busty redhead for me.” Oops.

4chan Friday

4chan, with a total of 50 different boards, makes up a wealth of knowledge and brings together tons of people that make up the entire spectrum of internet culture. You may know me as a veteran channer, however there are only a few boards that I regular. Well, all that's going to change. Every week, I will visit several of the boards, and document them, then post my favorite picture I happen to find while browsing at the time.

Tonight, we have [a/,/c/,/w/, and /wg/.

[a/ is not a typo. In the navigation bar at the bottom, [a/ is on the far left, so the bracket closes it off. It is also displayed as /ɐ/ on the top as each page. [a/ is the "Anime and Manga" forum, which has also been referred to as "Animu and Mango." If you haven't realized that I'm a huge anime fan by now, you probably shouldn't be here. A lot of people here are adamant about animes that they like, and get butthurt when someone doesn't see eye to eye.  Voila, easy trolling.  Now, finding the most wtf picture I can find...

/c/ is the Anime/Cute forum.  I love anime, I love cute stuff.   Just look at my "Anime cutie of the week." It really isn't deeper than that, but it nice.
Horo, because Underbite + Fang
/w/ is the anime wallpaper forum, which goes along with /wg/ for general wallpapers.  Most of the wallpapers I get are from these two alone.  There is always new and good stuff hanging around here.  Like this.

Kanye's New Teeth

Hello Ladies.

Look at your man.

Now Back to me.
Luckily for you, he isn't me.

Look at my jaw.

Anything is possibly if you don't care how idiotic you look.

I'm now a douchebag.

I'm not saying having teeth made out gold and diamonds makes you seem extremely vain, but I'm insinuating it.  
(Watch this if you don't know what i'm talking about)

It Came from Yotube

Well hello there Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked? No? How bout a video of a goat floating up a ladder.

Oh Laddergoat, you so random. This reminds me of me when I can't stop laughing. After a while, you just start making a bunch of incomprehensible sounds due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Then as soon as you get reminded of it, the whole process starts all over again.

Here's a response to this amazing video, as well as an equally good reaction.

"I was laughing at this guy who was laughing at another guy who was laughing at a goat :D"
That you are. It reminds me of when Julia Roberts was playing a character playing Julia Roberts in Ocean's 13. They really shouldn't make any more movies for this series...


So I went on Omegle for the first time today, and I have to say I'm not very good at it...

And then he left.

Looks like I need more practice.  I will continue for the sake of awesome trolling though.  I will post results after the fact.  Stay tuned!

Fall Anime!

I know I'm kind of late on this, but what the hell. Since I killed myself last season watching anime, and wrote way way too much on it, I think I'll just talk about my first impressions.

I told myself I wouldn't watch as much anime as I did last season, I said so over and over, but this season just seemed so good. So once again, I'm watching 7 animes, on top of Shiki from last season, and the regular stuff. I'm even contemplating picking up Amagami again- but that's another story.

Arakawa S2/Index S2
I loved both of the first seasons, so I'm definitely going to continue these. Arakawa was my favorite anime in the Spring, and Index is just plain awesome. I can't wait for more Accelerator/Mini Misaka, as well as Riku/Nino.

Star Driver
Another one from Bones about a boy and his robot- It seems they like this motif. I'm still trying to figure this out, but what I can tell is that everything is extremely colorful and flamboyant, especially the main character, aka the "Galactic Pretty Boy." Every episode so far has been pretty much the exact same battle with the exact same music, with slightly different lead-ups, but it's entertaining to say the least.

Panty and Stocking
This reminds me of an old Nickelodeon Cartoon, packed with non-stop Gainex references, and with a big dollop of vulgarity and double entendre on top. But I would be lying if I said I didn't like it.

Story driven anime? In my fall season? It's more likely than you think. I've heard good things about the Manga form of this, and I have to say it's an interesting concept- I like it.

Shinryaki Ika Musume
Oh Squid Girl, you so crazy. This is just kind of random and funny. It reminds me of Azumanga Daioh. You really can't go wrong here.

My Little Sister Can't be this Cute
I really don't want to write anything else after writing that extremely long title. I think this would be better if it was called "My Little Sister can't be this much of an Otaku," or "My Older Brother Can't be this Understanding." This also spawned a bunch of "My X Can't be this Y" on /a/, which got me a couple times. Hmm I haven't even said anything about the actual anime... Oh ya, the sister has a fang!

And that's my lineup. Just because, here's some of my favorite OP's/ED's for this season.

Star Driver OP- By Aqua Times, who also did "Velonica," the 9th (?) Bleach Op. Good Stuff.

Index Season 2 Op- This shows a ton of cool stuff in the OP which makes me excited for the rest of the season.

Panty and Stocking ED- This has a completely different feel than the one the anime presents. But it's cool and soothing.

...And I'm Back

Well after a short break I feel refreshed and ready to write again. I haven't been completely lazy this week though. As you might notice, I put up a new Title Banner, Feed Icon, as well as cleaned up the look a little bit. Tell me what you think!

On a side note, I want to mention comments. I don't really care for all of the comments saying stuff like "good post bro," or "cool, supporting." I try to write stuff seriously, so I would like you to take the same care commenting as well.

If you don't have anything to add in, you don't really have to post. Commenting is a nice way of letting me know you like what you're reading, but in no way is it required. I don't usually leave comments in hopes of getting one in return either, it's just to give my input. Anyways, back to trollin'.

Best of the Troll Cave

Since I finished my last project tonight, and I got out of class early, I figured I'd post something. Because the majority of my posts were before I had many followers, i though I'd go back and dig up my favorites from back then. Here we go.

And the rest is history. Regular programming will return on Monday!


I've been really busy with my classes lately, on top of other stuff such as applying to colleges, and my blog has kind of been suffering. In order to keep my writing from digressing any more than it should, I'm taking a short break from blogging to get some work done and to get my thoughts in order, as well as trying to combat my Minecraft addiction. I'll be back next week, probably with some new stuff. In the meantime, keep on trollin'.


Continuing the game theme from yesterday, I'll talk about stepmania. For people who ask who it is, typically the easiest answer is "Dance Dance Revolution for the Computer/Your Fingers." DDR is such an iconic game that most people will know what you're talking about when you mention it.

Like most rhythm games, it relies on songs to power the gameplay. And because it is completely open source with a built in step-file maker, people can put in any song. You can find them at the Stepmania site, or just from a Google search of step mania songs. FFR also has always had a lot of good songs, despite being down for along period of time.

To say that I've played this too much is an understatement. I still remember struggling to hit double notes, while today I kind of just zone out while mashing to 150bpm+ triplets and trills.

This is still a little out of reach.
As a follow up for Yesterdays post about Minecraft, I did not build that city, that was a picture I found off the internet. However, if you would like to see what I have been building, you can log on to my friends server (which is not always up). There are anti-grieving measures (aka impenetrable blocks around the spawn point) so say you come from the Troll Cave, and as long as you play nice, you will probably be let in.


Is it weird that I'm addicted to playing with blocks? I just can't help myself... I want to keep stacking them, destroying them, laying down more.

The truth is, Minecraft is one of the most addicting things ever. I tried it for the first time a couple of days ago after talking with some friends who play it. Last night, I ended up staying up till 3am playing it. It's incredibly simplistic, but even more fun. And people are making some crazy stuff on it.

 However, it made me realize one thing... I am extremely OCD.  I've never really had a trouble with it before... but all of the perfectly square blocks just taunt me if they're even the smallest bit out of place.
The blocks... they're everywhere................

Feeding the Troll

So every once in a while, I have to leave the cave and get myself some food. Being a poor college student though, I don't always have a lot of stuff at my disposal, but I get by.  Believe me, it takes a lot of creativity to make something out of nothing.

Allez Cuisine!
But before that, a quick story.

So here I was cooking Top Ramen like a mother fucker- I was all boilin' the water and shit (one time I forgot to add water, that was pretty bad) then I opened up the package and behold! I had found not only one flavor packet, but two. Oh happy day! However as I was about to put the block of noodles into the water, I had a horrible realization. Some poor person somewhere was without a flavor packet for their ramen. I had cursed somebody to the fate of having bland noodles! Then I added both of them to the water, and enjoyed the extra-deliciousness and saltyness; and not a single fuck was given that day.

As for making other things, you can't depend on stuff like this to work for you.
fork you
 This is what real men make:
And if all else fails, lurk /ck/ until you find something that requires the least amount of work.  Or you could go here for real recepies.

Hey, look at this.

Since I was too tried/lazy/busy to post something last night, here's something to hold you over until tonight.

Page break, more after the jump.

It Came from Youtube

I'm one of those people who watches most anime OPs/EDs, except if I really don't like them. With that in mind, I went into this feeling pretty confident.

How many can you name? I got 64, give or take a few I might have been wrong on. This only means one thing, my power level isn't high enough. Off to watch more anime. But before that...

I'm sure everyone has always wanted to do something like this, but have never been able to think of it on such a scale. Sure, laying down a sheet of it then walking over it while your dog freaks out is pretty cool. Even if someone has though of doing this exact thing, I'm pretty sure nobody ever taken it and actually done it. My only question is this: Why?

A Poem

I think it's a limerick. I'm not sure. But it rhymes, so don't complain.

This is the story of a man.
Who went to a place called 4chan
He went onto /b/
and saw some CP
and now is permanently banned.

Modern Music

Taking History of Rock and Jazz, I have learned that there is lots of music that is timeless, music that has effected what music is today. Jazz brought about Pop, and Pop brought about Rock, which evolved into much of the music we listen to today. However, a lot of the stuff we hear on the radio now may not be around as long as these styles of the past were.

Today, you don’t need to make a good song to make money, you only need to make something catchy. Take Ke$ha for example.

"Oh look, he's using me as an example again."
I hate to say it, but I can't help but enjoy myself when listening to Ke$ha (even if most of it comes from making fun of her). Justin Bieber is extrmely popular as well- one of his videos on Youtube even holds the title of "most viewed ever" (but also one of the most disliked ones as well). However when his testicles drop he will drop out of the spotlight. Then he will end up having to cut his hair because the food service industry that he'll have to work in won't permit it.
Then there's the music of today that you can't even understand.
If you want to be remembered in any number of years from now, you would have to write a pretty extraordinary piece of music, and to be honest, I don't think many performers today are capable of doing that.
Not even this

Monday Morning

It's Monday morning trolls, and that means one thing. I have class, which sucks. But since I have to wake up before noon, I figured I could do something useful with my mornings before I have to leave. So here's some pictured of Vladamir Putin looking like anime characters.

Stupid Questions...

...lead to stupid answers. Remember those classes where your teacher said “there are no stupid questions”? Then one day in class someone does it. They ask a stupid question. Suddenly, everybody suddenly falls silent, with the occasional sound of snickering. As they teacher strains to try to make sense out of it, you can physically see them getting distressed and/or angry over it, hoping what they spew out isn't just as bad as the question.

To be honest, it's a legit answer.  Via Failbook
People have a love hate relationship with stupid questions. They may make you facepalm, but making fun of people who ask them is fun. Some questions are so bad that they attract flocks of people. They can't help it, it's like people wanting to look at an accident at the side of the road. No matter how gruesome it is, you can't help but stare. Because of this, trolling becomes inevitable. Being on the internet anonymously give you an all access pass to being an asshole. If someone says something incredibly stupid, you should have a right to call them a retard. However, you may have just fallen into their trap.
People say all the time "don't feed the troll."  Well when you rage at the guy who asks the unsuspecting /b/tards about something incredibly simple, you just gave him a full course meal.  However, some questions are just so incredibly stupid that you have to hope that it is a troll. You ask yourself “How can anyone be this stupid?” But a truly stupid question has a sense of honesty within it, you know deep down in your heart that the OP really has some sort of mental disability, and you hate yourself for wanting to flame him. But you go and do it anyways, because you are anon and because you can.
I'm gonna go out an a limb and say "fake."
Then there are questions you don't even want to touch with a ten foot pole.
 I don't know, what do you think?

Anime Season Wrap-up, part two

Sure, plot is good and all, but for the most part what you remember will be a few certain scenes that stood out in your mind. There were tons of great characters, couples, scenes, and random reaction faces spread through this anime season.

If you ever watched Railgun, no doubt you will have noticed the very Unique voice of Shirai Kuroko (Oneeee samahhh~~~). If you are one of the few who love this voice, rejoice because the seiyuu got two rolls this season. The first was the oh so entertaining narrator of Ookami-san. The second, the crazed photographer girl from SYD.

"Hai, hai, shashin-bu no Hata desu." *snaps photo*

Strangely enough, the voice grew on me. If only she didn't narrate on top of the other characters.  Also from Seitokai came both Suzu, the adorable chisai girl, and Mitsuba.  Mutsuba, a.k.a. Judo Girl, was voiced by the same seiyuu as Maka from Soul Eater, who possibly has the best and cutest voice ever.

Anime Season Finale

Three months ago, I set out on a journey to watch as much anime as I possibly could within one anime season. Well the summer anime season has finally come to end end, and with it a lot of good (and bad) have been seen.

Between 8 animes, each lasting about 30 minutes each, (including waiting for them to load because my internet is shit) I spent about 4 hours a week keeping up on all of them. At 12 to 13 episodes each, that makes the total for all animes I watched come to a total of over 48 hours or 2 days. And that doesn’t even count all of the other anime I watched, as well as some episodes that got dropped.

Two animes from last season ended recently as well; K-On!! season 2, and Heroman. Ya ya, haters gonna hate, however if you actually liked K-On!!, it was pretty good. Heroman started out slow, but it actually turned out to be pretty awesome. You can read a review of it here. However, the real focus here is the animes of this season.