The Cave

My house is becoming more and more like a cave. It's not my choosing though. The light in my room burnt out a while ago, and I just kind of left it there, causing my room to turn into a cave-like state of darkness This isn't the first time either. I moved into this house over a year ago, and so far the light in my room has burnt out over five times- I'm pretty sure the wiring in this house is one big kludge.

Somewhere in my house, this is set up.

In the winter, I run a small space heater in my room (one of my friends accidentally melted my trash can with it one time he was house sitting.) My mom had just gotten out of the shower one time, and she decided to dry her hair. Upon turning it on, the circuit breaker flipped and all of the power in the back part of the house went off. Of course, stuff like this only happens when I happen to have unsaved work up on my computer, but that's a different matter.

Another instance of the probably horrible wiring in this house happened one night when I was watching TV. It was after my mom had gone to sleep and I was the only one using power. Suddenly, the breaker flipped off, and after searching in the dark for a flashlight, which ended up being the light on my video camera because my mom is too cheap to buy a real one, I wandered over the the circuit breaker (which just happens to be in my room, seriously wtf?) and turn the power back on. However, the light stayed off, being freshly burnt out. I'm no electrician, but that really doesn't seem right.

just gotta find the correct wire...
The first time that it burnt out, I went to replace it, and I found that it had two bulbs- one of which was already in there, burnt out, from before we had moved in. And that's just my room. The light in my mom's room and the dining room have also burnt out before. We don't even have a light in the living room, and the one stand light we have for it got knocked over and broke. It's like this house wants to remain in the dark.

Recently I actually replaced the light in my fixture, and when I flipped the switch the bright lights were almost too much, as if to taunt me for being in the dark for so long. So I turned it off once again.

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  1. Astra October 31, 2010 at 10:36 AM
    that looks scary.
    happy halloween
  2. CAE.II October 31, 2010 at 8:35 PM
    Hah I love the image!! Good luck fixing the cave!!

    Have a good Halloween!

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