4chan Friday

4chan, with a total of 50 different boards, makes up a wealth of knowledge and brings together tons of people that make up the entire spectrum of internet culture. You may know me as a veteran channer, however there are only a few boards that I regular. Well, all that's going to change. Every week, I will visit several of the boards, and document them, then post my favorite picture I happen to find while browsing at the time.

Tonight, we have [a/,/c/,/w/, and /wg/.

[a/ is not a typo. In the navigation bar at the bottom, [a/ is on the far left, so the bracket closes it off. It is also displayed as /ɐ/ on the top as each page. [a/ is the "Anime and Manga" forum, which has also been referred to as "Animu and Mango." If you haven't realized that I'm a huge anime fan by now, you probably shouldn't be here. A lot of people here are adamant about animes that they like, and get butthurt when someone doesn't see eye to eye.  Voila, easy trolling.  Now, finding the most wtf picture I can find...

/c/ is the Anime/Cute forum.  I love anime, I love cute stuff.   Just look at my "Anime cutie of the week." It really isn't deeper than that, but it nice.
Horo, because Underbite + Fang
/w/ is the anime wallpaper forum, which goes along with /wg/ for general wallpapers.  Most of the wallpapers I get are from these two alone.  There is always new and good stuff hanging around here.  Like this.

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