4chan Friday

Tonight, /tg/ and /i/

/tg/ stands for "Traditional Games." From a quick glance, it seems that this encompasses everything considered a game- Board Games, Video games, Dnd, and other similar role playing type games. One of these games is sort of a "what would you do" game; what you would equip yourself with to fight zombies with?
This is one setup somebody posted. While I can agree the iced tea and the battle anthem (Queen ftw), I have to pick apart the rest. First is the clunky mountain bike. While your friend rides away on a smooth road bike, you will be eaten by zombies while trying to shift out of a high gear. Next is the Indian war club, what a horrible choice. Who would want an old weapon like that to bash heads in with? On top of that, it's Indian, and look what it did to stop us white settlers who ended up forcing them to work in casinos.

/i/ stands for Oekaki, which my Japanese dictionary tells me means "doodling" or "scribbling." Basically, it's a forum for displaying amazing works of art on paint, or paint like software. However what amazed me was that the board has a built in program for this- you can draw something online then uploaded it all at once with a simple Java app. You can even view animations of people making their illustrations. It's great for people who can't afford paint to... wait what paint comes included with Windows, what are you trying to pull? Quit trying to be a hipster and get rid of your Linux already. But hey, people are making good stuff with this.
this not being one of them
 And then there's a bunch of drawings of penises...

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