Anime Season Wrap-up, part two

Sure, plot is good and all, but for the most part what you remember will be a few certain scenes that stood out in your mind. There were tons of great characters, couples, scenes, and random reaction faces spread through this anime season.

If you ever watched Railgun, no doubt you will have noticed the very Unique voice of Shirai Kuroko (Oneeee samahhh~~~). If you are one of the few who love this voice, rejoice because the seiyuu got two rolls this season. The first was the oh so entertaining narrator of Ookami-san. The second, the crazed photographer girl from SYD.

"Hai, hai, shashin-bu no Hata desu." *snaps photo*

Strangely enough, the voice grew on me. If only she didn't narrate on top of the other characters.  Also from Seitokai came both Suzu, the adorable chisai girl, and Mitsuba.  Mutsuba, a.k.a. Judo Girl, was voiced by the same seiyuu as Maka from Soul Eater, who possibly has the best and cutest voice ever.

The Bad-ass of the season was tied between the two male Protagonists of Shi Ki, the doctor, Ozaki, and the student, Natsuno. They both caught on to the the cause of the mysterious deaths around the same time, and in the near future I can forsee both of them kicking major vampire butt. They both also have awesome hair, as many of the characters in the series do.

There were plenty of couples this season. (Some spoiler alerts impending) Of course, Amagami kind of dominated this category. But the main character is going to eventually hook up with every single girl, so he gets disqualified.  In Occult Academy, there is somewhat of a love triangle between Maya, Fumiake, and Mikaze (who ends up being evil.)  However in the end Fumiake gets sucked into a portal of doom, and Maya actually hooks up with his child self from the past.
My face(s) when pedophilia
In Ookami-san, the fact that Ookami is EXTREMELY tsundere makes it hard for Ryoshi the bum to get excepted by her, but she starts to act more girly and cute near the end.
*Tsundere levels at maximum*
In Seitokai, there are several relationships between Takatoshi and Shino, as well as Mutsuba. Judo Girl is far cuter however, but the interactions never develop past awkward situations followed by some sort of sexual joke. The only real action that any male character got was in Asobi Ni Ikuyo. In fact, in the end he got to make out with not just one girl, but all three- the catgirl, the busty childhood friend, and the delicious flat chest. What. A. Pimp.

 Favorite scenes here we come.  Yes, there is lots of SYD.  Case in point for me downloading it.

Dat. Voice.

"Mistah?"  "Oah!!"

Dat voice, version two, now with more delicious Kuroko voice.

Here's a good taste of the Hilarious narrator. As well as extreme cuteness and tsundereity.

This scene was a freaking gold mine of reaction faces.

And just for good measure, here's a picture of Azusa.

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  1. Naj October 3, 2010 at 2:22 AM
    ugh... the perverted girl that likes the underwear of misaka!
    yeah, i think i remember.
  2. Punk1119 October 3, 2010 at 2:46 AM
    Yup, that would be her. This season Index season two is coming out, so we get to see and hear more of her!
  3. † Vladimir Caluya † October 3, 2010 at 6:39 PM
    Is every japanese girl's dream to be a bride? Hmm.. I wonder why the birth rate is so low though.

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