Stupid Questions...

...lead to stupid answers. Remember those classes where your teacher said “there are no stupid questions”? Then one day in class someone does it. They ask a stupid question. Suddenly, everybody suddenly falls silent, with the occasional sound of snickering. As they teacher strains to try to make sense out of it, you can physically see them getting distressed and/or angry over it, hoping what they spew out isn't just as bad as the question.

To be honest, it's a legit answer.  Via Failbook
People have a love hate relationship with stupid questions. They may make you facepalm, but making fun of people who ask them is fun. Some questions are so bad that they attract flocks of people. They can't help it, it's like people wanting to look at an accident at the side of the road. No matter how gruesome it is, you can't help but stare. Because of this, trolling becomes inevitable. Being on the internet anonymously give you an all access pass to being an asshole. If someone says something incredibly stupid, you should have a right to call them a retard. However, you may have just fallen into their trap.
People say all the time "don't feed the troll."  Well when you rage at the guy who asks the unsuspecting /b/tards about something incredibly simple, you just gave him a full course meal.  However, some questions are just so incredibly stupid that you have to hope that it is a troll. You ask yourself “How can anyone be this stupid?” But a truly stupid question has a sense of honesty within it, you know deep down in your heart that the OP really has some sort of mental disability, and you hate yourself for wanting to flame him. But you go and do it anyways, because you are anon and because you can.
I'm gonna go out an a limb and say "fake."
Then there are questions you don't even want to touch with a ten foot pole.
 I don't know, what do you think?

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