Happy Days

So, here we meet again, internets.  No, I didn't do an extended black-out for SOPA, or even get stopped from posting by the feds.  I don't know why I stopped posting, really.  I think the best way I can describe it is "I got better."  No, I didn't get too good to be a snob to all my bro on the interwebs, I just stopped... hating everything.

I can't troll anymore, I'm too nice, too happy.  I like all my classes, my friends are great, and I stay out of the scary places of the internet.  A girl even smiled at me today.  Shit like this makes me not hate stuff. 

My posts had started to become negatively self-centered, redundant, and sparse.  What, I tried to restart like 3 times?  Ya, I think it's time to call it quits.  This blog went on for longer than I even thought it would back when I first started it- about a year and a half.  It was fun while it lasted, but as they say, you can only play the blues for so long until you get famous and aren't blue anymore.  Or something like that.  Anyways, keep track of me on my Tumblr and Twitter.  And, even though I won't be here, keep on trollin'.  Troll Man out.