Another thing Guys don't Get...

Or more accurately, what we could care less about. We call them colors-- we meaning us guys. Girls on the other hand call them a multitude of things, usually including modifiers such as randomly inserted vague sounding adjectives, different names of foods, feelings, things that come from nature, and other abstract ideas. The guys over at xkcd did a survey on how different people would label colors, when displayed in a completely neutral setting.  What they came up with was a long list of colors paired with some other word to somehow differentiate one shade of color from a slightly different one. 

What this confirmed was that no matter the gender, one would eventually get overrun with so many different shades of one single color that categorization would be inevitable.  However, it seems that the level of nominative creativity for the guys was a little bit lacking compared to that of the girls.

Here are the color names most disproportionately popular among men:

1. Penis
2. Gay
3. WTF
4. Dunno
5. Baige
No, Baige is not a typo.

While this demonstrated what I said before, it also confirmed another thing; people don't really take surveys seriously, no matter what set of chromosomes you have.

Surveys without any guidelines are probably the worst way to measure anything of importance. I know because I had to help record the data from them one. It happened during one of my classes- instead of doing actual work we had to take stacks of written surveys and transcribe them to a scantron (you know, one of those horrid pieces of paper where you have to bubble in the answer perfectly or else the machine won't read it.)
Some of the surveys were less than serious-- but I can't complain, having the same answer for every question just made my bubbling job easier. Then there were the people who took it too seriously, and decided that darkening their box into eternity or writing an essay on the back would make their opinion more important, especially when transferred over to a solitary bubble on a sheet of paper. Being a Political Science class, however, we were able to see just how helpless the system is. Luckily, it was a summer class, so it was all utter bullshit anyways.

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  2. Home Alone Stoned September 25, 2010 at 1:28 AM
    lol surveys are indeed a misleading source of knowledge sometimes

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