Everyone loves free stuff. Especially every one of you freaking moochers-- you know who you are. Well for now I can't give you anything for free, but if you keep a look out on 4chan or for their special deals, you may end up with something like this.
 Every once in a while, artscow puts out an offer for something free, for instance a free mousepad offer for a while in celebration of them getting a new fancy printer- see the first pic.  For the notepads all I had to pay was .99$ for shipping.  All of the stuff is excellent quality (compared to that of my camera), and are completely customizable.  Of course I got anime stuff, but you can take any picture and put it on just about anything.  They are currently not offering anything free, but they have coupons and deals going every single day.  Check out the coupon page.

And if anybody is interested in the original pictures, here you go.

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