New AMV's up.

This week I finished two AMV's, one a remake of my second ever AMV, Evil Angel.

The Original
The Remake

When I originally made this, I was using Windows Movie Maker and clips I downloaded and converted, and some of them had a big watermark. With this version, I have the high quality versions, as well as access to Sony Vegas.

Before, on Windows Movie Maker, to add in space between clips, I had to actually make a black rectangle in paint and fit it in between the clips, which took too long, so most of the time I ended up just extending clips out. This usually ended up creating bits of video I didn't want, and a big lacking of what I like to call "dramatic holds." With Sony Vegas, I can create space in between clips whenever I need to, on top of everything else that Vegas has to offer.

This second video was my second Code Gess AMV, and just like my first one, it was removed off Youtube.

I tried Adobe After Effects to try to get the effect that makes the video react to the sound, but I soon figured out that it was a very expensive add-on, as well as difficult to use.  On top of that, after my video got removed, I figured that it wasn't worth the work if my shit was just going to get taken down.

So far, two of my videos have been blocked in several countries, two blocked worldwide, one muted, and one disabled completely.  With that, I think I'm going to wash my hands of making AMV's.  For the one that got completely removed, my Engrish in Eva video, I sent in a counter-notice, since it was simply for the demonstration, and should fall under the free use clause, on top of being pretty popular.

I actually started this blog to possibly highlight some of my AMV's, but I soon came to enjoy blogging more than making them.  Now I'm just really annoyed at Youtube and their BS, while blogger remains my friend.

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