It Came from Youtube

I'm changing this up a bit because frankly, people don't have the attention span to watch five videos in a row. Especially me. Basically, less videos, more commentary. I also changed the name back to the original title I created. Here we go.

What first surprised me about this video was that It was embedded on 4chan. Yes, Embedded. I shit you not. You would have to see it to believe it. Apparently, it was a moderators doing, but people started questioning whether or not there was a way to embed videos from the beginning. (There isn't one fyi.)

As for the actual video, I have to say that I would never try this. He doesn't even keep the bacon, it all just gets pushed to the bottom of the press! Also, the idea of semi-melted cheese and questionably cooked powdered egg (does it even need cooking?) sounds kind of bad.

And this is why girls aren't allowed on the internet. Despite the power of Christ, you can't walk across the creep without being zerg rushed, either.

I couldn't help but notice at 5:03 where the other player said "I'm angry mystical batman." I don't think I will ever be able to understand people who play Blizzard games (queue hate mail).

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