It Came from Youtube

Cats are very funny creatures. When they want attention, they better get it. However when they don't want attention they are completely indifferent. Cats are unintentionally funny, and for that reason stuff like lolcats exist.

Sometimes I think my jokes may be a little bit like what Luke is trying to do here. But I still write them anyways.

Whats better than one lolcat? One lolcat riding a piece of pseudo neoteric technology with rap playing in the background. Also notice the pit-bull wearing a sweater. If these two had any decency as animals, both roomba and sweater would be in several hundred pieces strewn across the floor.

This proves two things. First, the complete indifference that cats can show to basically anyone and anything. The other is that the Japanese people will never run out of weird shit to film and show on the internet and TV.

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