I was playing SSX3 with my friend the other day on his Xbox (his 360 red-ringed), and I remember having tons of fun with when I first used to play it several years ago. That was before, of course, I lent it to a friend indefinitely, who later sold his Gamecube and all of his games, including mine. While playing it that day with my friend however, I remembered what I loved most about it: the music.

The in-game "radio" was an excellent companion to the fast paced action of the snowboarding, and even reflected how well you were doing on the slopes. I especially loved the selection of songs; it introduced me to great bands such as "Basement Jaxx," "Yellowcard," "Royksopp," on top of many more.

I even have a lot of these on my computer today, but it still doesn't match listening to them while racing down the slopes grinding rails and doing insane tricks...

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    will support and follo <3

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