Things I Remember

I remember when my parents knew more about computers than me. Once I had my mom write an essay for me on Microsoft Word because she could type faster. Nowadays, I have to be the one to keep her from trying to use her old outdated laptop as a touch screen. No, the on screen keyboard doesn't require you to actually type on the screen.

I remember when the only animated things I would watch were cartoons on TV. After a while, I outgrew these and started to watch more grown up shows with my parents. Nowadays, all I watch basically is animated stuff in the form of Anime. Me and my mom don't even have cable anymore.

I remember when Nickelback was good.

The they started singing about putting things in your mouth and writing horrible lyrics in general.  Some of their early stuff like "Saving Me" and "This is How You Remind Me" were really good though.

I remember when going on the internet was a journey into the unknown.  Even if you were able to get permission from your parents to sign on, you would have to wait those several excruciating minutes while the computer made Chewbacca sounds, and then finally you would arrive at the "home page."  The idea of accessing information and playing games over the internet was totally alien.  Then there was that first time where the parental controls "accidentally" got turned off, and you "accidentally" got to see boobies, but that's a the beginning of a whole different section of my memories.

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  1. Mutefox October 1, 2010 at 5:50 AM
    The duck is me. I sometimes use my keyboard as a washing-board. Kills two birds with one stone.

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