Best of Youtube: One Man Band

He who said "variety is the spice of life" must have had plenty of friends to choose from. One year for my High School's talent show, one performer didn't have a band to perform with, so he pre-recorded himself playing several parts to his song, then played along with it during the live performance. That was kind of like this...

Yes, John William is the man. Also, the kazoo version of Enter Sandman (even though it isn't all the same person) is pretty entertaining.

If only she had one of Lady Gaga's outfits for each pane.

I never learned how to play the spoons and the cookie sheet in music class...

I can barely play one instrument, I'm pretty sure the list of what this guy can't play would be shorter than what he can. By the way, this is really catchy if you haven't noticed already.

Playing only one instrument at a time is for sissies. Good thing every single ACDC lick is extremely repetitive. Rack one up for the French.

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