So Hot...

Like the title says, it is hot here. Let me give you some perspective. It's summer, and for the past several weeks, the highs have been over 100 degrees, and have stayed there. My car also has no air conditioner. Well, it does, but it's more of a "blow slightly less hot air than what's in the cab, but still warmer than the air outside" fan.

I've been doing yard work for a family friend for some extra cash lately, and before I go out, I always put on sunscreen. Spf 50 of course, because I sunburn easier than snow. So anyways, I put some on when I get there at 9 in the morning, which is already blazing hot. After a couple of hours and a gallon of Gatorade later, I go with my employer to get lunch. Keep in mind, my car is sitting out this entire time, in the sun. When I get back from lunch, usually overstuffed from the food which is already on top of a reservoir of Gatorade and water, I go to put more sunscreen on. However, I find that it's been sitting in a perfectly place sun ray in my already hot car.

I open my door and pick up the bottle, and then immediately drop it, resisting the urge to scream "everything is on fire!!" I can even hear that the usually viscous sunscreen in the bottle had turned into a liquid, probably near the point of evaporation. After the outside finally cooled to the point of tangibility, I poured a little bit into my hand, only to find that it had in fact, turned into molten lava. Giving up on that, I head back to the back yard, where I find that every single tool that we left out had gained the ability the melt flesh off of bones...

Long story short, I ended up with a sunburn and slightly singed hands. Thank you, summertime.

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