Why has nobody told me about this site before? It's like my very own mini blog, for stuff that I just want to say and not have to make a giant blog post about. I can just make a post about something random, and have people read it.

Sure, I have a Facebook which can do the same exact thing. But Facebook has so many people on there, a lot of people who you may or may not know. Of all of those people marked as your friends, how many of those would actually want to socialize with you after you post a bunch of geeky stuff (which I have been tempted to do before, but stopped myself because of this reason)? Or maybe there's people on there who you still want to socialize with, but don't want them to know that you love anime or play online games or whatever? With Twitter, it is much less personal and people can follow who they want to.

Continuing with the Facebook thing, how many people on there, that are actually your friends no matter what, really, REALLY, love to talk? If you post one thing, they immediately swarm it with likes and comments, and a ton of notifications later you wish you hadn't posted in the first place. Hell, I've even seen discussions carried out on my very own wall with me not even being involved. With twitter, you post something, people read it, and that's it.

One thing I kind of love/hate is the cell phone integration. For one thing, I would be nice just to post something right when it pops into your head, instead of waiting to get home and get online. However, I despise texting and don't have unlimited texts. I think I'll leave my phone off for the time being.

So anyways, Twitter is now kind of my side project/blog where I can just write whatever pops into my head. Follow/Tweet/Honk/Chirp at me or whatever it's called.

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