Best of Youtube: Stupid People

The world is filled with stupid people. It's a sad truth, but I can not stress it enough. And what do these stupid people do? They do stupid things and say stupid stuff, and it ends up on the internet. Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

Hey, America is a pretty smart country right? Right? Damn...

Her lips are moving, but is anything really coming out?

Not saying anything about religious people or the south, but if you choose to ignore valid scientific facts just because your beliefs say otherwise, you need to realize that you're maybe a little too far in.

Not really a dumb person, but something (actually a lot of things)about him makes me want to punch him. The fact that he recorded this rant and posted it on Youtube was pretty stupid, though.

Somebody takes jokes from South Park a little too seriously...

Rainbows, everywhere! (via)

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