For the days when I'm tired the anime boards, and I am able to remember that /b/ is no longer interesting, or am just feeling hungry, I usually go to /ck/, the cooking board. Sometimes there's actual recipes and food discussions, but other times it's just people trying to find something to make for cheap, or for looking at food pron. Either way, it's always interesting seeing what people can make with things like ramen, bacon, nutella, fried foods, cheese, or various combinations of the above. /ck/ has also shown us great inventions such as the waffle-sicle, or the all-in-one nutella cup of epicness (pictured below).
In addition to that, /ck/ was also the mastermind behind the KFC double down, (which is delicious, but will leave your arteries crying out in agony). They were also the unofficial inventors of the El NiƱo, or the gigantic pizza-turned-taco, its hamburger counterpart, as well as microwave brownies and countless sausage-bacon-ham artery bomb concoctions.

As far as trolling, /ck/ is actually one of the easier boards to do it on, being that few people have any real cooking experience, barring boiling water for their ramen. In reality, however, trolling there is not very common, because food and eating are loved by everyone in general. There always are a few fun cases, though.

"In order to test the temperature of your oil, throw a few ice cubes in."
If you don't have any experience with hot oil, this is where things could go bad. Throwing ice cubes into oil will cause them to turn instantly to steam, causing an explosion and sending skin-searing oil all over your body. Third degree burns are fun!

Another post I saw was relating to tea, asking if would dehydrate you when drunk. Hidden within the topic was this jewel.
"Throw some salt in the water to make it boil faster."

Oh boy, the OP is already thirsty, don't make him parch himself even more. Just like peanuts, pretzels or other salty snacks will make you want a cool drink to go with them, salty water will suck up more moisture out of your system. This is why they say if you're stranded at sea to not drink the ocean water. Also, very salty water will give you diarrhea, a great thing to think about while you're browsing looking at delicious foods.

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