Iced Tea

Iced tea, at least where I'm from, is one of the most popular drinks to hit people my age (late teens and 20's)- up there with coffee and coke. Despite not being from the state it's named from, Arizona is one of leading names- with almost as much notoriety as Starbucks. And why not? You can buy a huge can of deliciousness for only 1 dollar! This stuff practically runs through my veins. They have many different flavors of tea, from raspberry to sweet, or a more conventional green tea or black and white tea. They also have a big selection of fruit juices, such as watermelon which is surprisingly delicious.

Recently a competitor, Peace Tea, came out with their version, sweetened with real sugar instead of corn syrup, which is great for me, already having poor teeth. While they don't have as many flavors, the real sugar has a different, but interesting flavor that I like.

My college campus sells this stuff, (as well as every gas station in town), and it's rare to go into a class without someone drinking one of these. Every party with my friends that I go to also hast to have tea- it's pretty much a rule. Hell, it's better than other parties where people go to down tons of alcohol.
Seems like people are trading it for other things too.

Maybe you're not a tea drinker? I never liked hot tea, but if you add in enough sugar and flavoring, chill it down, and put it in a can, it's all good. Of course, there's always people who go "Ice + Tea= Iced tea." Ya ya, I know a tea bag only costs a fraction of a can of Arizona. In times of desperation, I've even made my own tea this way. Sure it's cost effective, but on a hot day you just want to be able to crack open a chilly can of tea, and sit back and relax...

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